Josh Whitman (@pnw.made)

Everything is designed. A lazy artist ever created no masterpiece. Josh Whitman is an artist who made Custom laser engraved/cut wooden, leather, and acrylic items. With his vast effort and hard work, he reached 26.3k followers on his Instagram account (@pnw. made). He also has an online shop on Famous Disney movies and characters inspired his custom design creations. His work is a relief form of printmaking. For custom engraving, he usually uses the end grain of a block of boxwood, which is very hard, so incredible detail is possible. To see his beautiful and creative designs, follow Josh Whitman on his Instagram account.

Which house are you supposed to be in?! Set your bottle of butterbeer down on this when the sorting hat has finished with you. The Harry Potter series inspired Josh Whitman’s collection of square slate placemats. These slates are excellent for layering. The engraving laser creates a striking contrast to the original color. Even the bottoms of these slates have tiny feet. These laser engraved slate coasters are an excellent way to promote your bar, cafe, brewery, or winery. Josh could also create beautiful souvenirs for weddings and other memorable occasions! The dark slate offers a white/grey contrast that truly jumps when personalized with the laser! Follow Josh Whitman on Instagram for fantastic laser engraving slates designs. 

The cookware present which keeps on going is a cast iron pan. Inspired by tangled movie  Josh Whitman designed this wonderful cuddly duckling cast iron pan. He engraved the pan using a fiber laser. This custom engraved pan is capable of both cooking and cleaning. Despite engraved cutting boards, etched iron pans are rare to come across. As cast iron is fragile, this is the case. On the other hand, laser engraving is the ideal choice for Josh Whitman. Every cast iron cooking pan may be personalized to make it a perfect present. Follow and DM Josh Whitman if you want a creative engraving on the pan.

Josh Whitman creates a storage box in a fictional book. The box has a tabbed closing and a magnetic clasp. It’s pretty safe. He intended it to be from a made-up book, as the book doesn’t exist in it. He developed this fictitious book cover to look like the tiki lounge inspired it. It’s incredibly adorable. Beautiful walnut wood was used to make this piece. Follow Josh Whitman on Instagram.

Josh has designed a pretty engraved wooden cutting board in the classic Star Wars Millenium Falcon style. This beautiful ship was made from Rowmark hardwoods maple laserable wood sheet and Laserbits cherry laserable wood laminate. A strong strap is secured with stainless steel bolts, or the board is finished with a layer of preservative oil to make it all look fresh. This is one of the best creations of Josh Whitman. Follow Josh Whitman to see more of his creations.

Take a look at the latest Disney ride poster of Josh Whitman, which is truly an attraction rather than a ride. Whatever the matter may be, it is still my favorite. The chat, the music, the darkness, or the retreat from the scorching California sunlight are all things I like. Flowers, birds, or tiki idols go crazy, causing the Gods to become enraged. Josh adores it. The intricacies on this were relatively little; he expressed them in paint, which I had to accept with these posters because they can’t just be made of wood. Josh used a Baltic Birch laserable wood sheet. Follow Josh Whitman.