Jose Morales

Jose Morales

People say a weapon stronger than swords, knives, guns, or any other form is a pen. What they mean when they say that is that knowledge and wisdom is the strongest force of all is that it gives you a skill of thinking and rationalizing that you cannot otherwise attain. Since the process of learning never stops considering you can learn something at any point in your life from anyone. This comes in the form of advice, education, even skill acquisition. When learning happens as a means of learning a new skill, for example learning how to swim, dance, even play a game, it becomes a pat on the back of the teacher as well because teaching someone a skill takes patience, and a determination to make sure you pass the skill along flawlessly.

Among some of these teachers and passers of skills, José Morales is the one to know. Currently an Olympic-level boxing coach, Morales has an impressive record when it comes to his field, with ample experience and training to back it up. His kingdom, where he trains interested boxers and enthusiasts, is based in Roseville, California under the name “José Morales Boxing Academy.” Before thinking that his academy is your run-of-the-mill academy, it would do one good to know that under his wing, several namely National level amateur champions, pro boxers, and athletes have emerged with the training they received at JMBA.

His experience and dedication to the field of boxing is admirable with how seriously he takes it. The trainers at his academy, including him, boast a combined experience of over half a century! Morales took his time scouting the right people and curating a team that could be found no where else, to ensure quality training with visible results and success rates. Currently having the biggest boxing gym in Northern California and possibly the largest in the state, Morales is practically hailed as a public figure in some of the communities he is active in. In Sacramento, he also doubles as a guest speaker where he imparts facts and knowledge about boxing and health.

With years and years of hard work and passion for boxing under his belt, Morales’ hopes to help those around him knows no bounds. Aside from the extensive programs José Morales Boxing Academy offers, such as programs for the youth, adults, and a specialized “warrior program”, JMBA offers a variety of other things as well. Yesenia Mendoza, a member of JMBA claims “the trainers, they believe in you more than you would ever imagine. That’s the type of gym everyone needs to be a part of.” To reinforce this, JMBA offers a 4-week trial where you can quit at any time with no obligation to finish with help available virtually and physically. Their mission is to transform you so you can be a better, healthier, and stronger version of yourself. The academy also has an online shop where sportswear and boxing gloves can be purchased. Their website has an elaborate and easy-to-navigate spread of information, testimonials and other information.

Morales pretty much built his empire from the ground up, and his dedication to the craft has surely helped him along the way. With an itch to always help others, Morales even offers boxing schooling for those who might be looking to monetize boxing training, which speaks volumes about his character and love for the sport.

Besides being a boxing maestro and genius coach, Morales is a family man who publicly adores his wife and family. His passion does not stop for anything, as he even runs a podcast that currently has two seasons and runs on YouTube. He also has a shoe line under the name “Huaraches.”

With the ample time he has given to boxing and making a name for himself, Morales hopes to get verified on Instagram for his page @el_ey_de_sacra in hopes of being able to touch many others with his love and passion for boxing.