Jonathan Rizk (@officialrizk)

Are you a media enthusiast? Or are you just looking for some regular ideas and motivation to build your career in the digital media industry? This world is already overwhelmed with the traditional to digital media urge, but only a few people know the actual values of this field. One of them is Jonathan Rizk. He is a hard-working young man from Egypt with over 2k followers on Instagram. If you want to know more about him, follow him @officialrizk.

However, Jonathan produces top-notch digital and traditional content, as you can see on his Instagram profile. He is a great host, content creator, and NJ native. For all the struggling youth, Jonathan’s profile is a most significant and influential role model who even worked for free to get on his desired position. He describes her career journey very well so that the young generation could know how much effort and work hard they want to get established. Jonathan Rizk is currently working as a digital producer at WDVM, Egypt’s well-known Media/news channel. WDVM deals with the soft and hard news, including political, social, and economic perspectives across the greater Washington area. But Jonathan keeps his shoulder to the wheel to succeed. He described how long it took him to be the world’s famous digital creator in his Instagram profile.

He got career advice from Steve LaFilm Longo at The Los Angeles Film School, proven the best advice and counselling to establish his career. When he chose her field, he started learning it through different mediums and schools then started making his portfolio. But making a portfolio is not an easy task, especially for one who doesn’t have experience. Hence, Jonathan writes about Los Courtside provided the opportunity to work for free and a chance to establish his strong portfolio. He also plays a role in inspiring others. If you are looking for some inspiration follow @officialrizk.

He also writes about the changing behaviours of the so-called friends when you need them the most in your sensitive period. None of his friends helped him in any way. Therefore, Jonathan also thanks Liam Alexander for being the best co-host when he doesn’t know how to present on camera or hold a mic. He thanks all his seniors, co-workers, and teachers who helped them throughout his professional journey. It is very appreciated that he paid off his dues by thanking the real people who helped them out. Jonathan’s profile is an inspiration and a school to learn different things through his content and experience. A digital producer is the one who handles all the back camera stuff, from advertising to getting on-air. If you are interested in a field, you will be learning a new thing every day by following @officialrizk.

A learner is the one who can find lessons. Although, he worked in the Egyptian Air force. No doubt that Jonathan loves animals, especially when it comes to dogs. He is getting so loving. His hobbies include cycling and dressing. His dressing sense is so kicky and up to date. You will find her photographs extraordinarily realistic and detailed. In some Instagram posts, he is hosting, while in some, he shows his designing skills by designing different posters or banners. Apart from all his achievements and experiences, Jonathan is kind, pleasant, and easy-going. He loves to spread positivity, and he is the one to motivate and help his juniors as he took from his seniors. He quickly adjusted with WDVM and made his place in everyone’s heart. She is a great self-made young boy who didn’t give up on his career and kept working hard to achieve his desired goals. We need more role models like him to make this world a little more beautiful.