Jonathan Harper (@its.nigo)

Jonathan Harper (@its.nigo)

In the world of music, there are no boundaries to what you can do, who you can be, and what you can achieve. All of this is decided by what an artist creates and how refined their art is. Existing in all forms of creativity, music is the most expressive art as it lets everyone starting from the person who wrote the lyrics, the person that produced it, and the listener, connect through a few beats composing to be a final piece of art called a song. Jonathan Harper is one of these aspiring artists, looking to make it big through his music.

Just like all other forms of art, music is not limited to a single style or type. This distribution of music into different genres has given a new meaning to music as it has created so much more variation, so much more room for unique and great music, and has allowed people of all kinds to come together and create music with no boundaries and no set rules. One of these is rapping; a form of music that follows the concept of flow and meaningful lyrics and a good rapper makes sure that he stays inflow and delivers the best craft whilst delivering their message. Jonathan, also known as B.NIGO is a Compton-based Rapper that is unrivaled in his flow and continues to amaze more and more people with his work.

This vast world in itself of music has its dedicated industry that is one of the largest industries out there divided into different genres and styles and rap is one of these genres. This means that the journey of a rap artist is full of bumps and hard times and to be the gem of the crowd is an extremely hard and near-impossible task for many and B.NIGO is one of these artists, on his way to the top of the ladder, the one artist that everyone looks up to and to be the best out there, and nothing less than that and to reach that, he’s making sure that he leaves no chance to continue to create more and more amazing songs and with every new release, top all of his previous songs and to release something that is not yet known to the music world.

It is said that your work defines you more than anything as the thought that goes behind making something is greatly about you and who you are and how you think and this is why the creativity in music is never-ending and artists like B.NIGO, even though, hard to find, leave us in awe with how creative they can get and how much they can put into a few minutes and keep us wondering. To name a few of his breathtaking work, songs like ‘Dancin with the Burner’ and ‘Fuck it Up’ have been some of his best songs with over a 1.2Million plays on SoundCloud for ‘Dancin with the Burner’ showing just how many people out there are longing for him to release his next song to feast their ears upon it.

Apart from being a rapper, B.NIGO is also a Model and an influencer that, along with his songs, makes sure that he influences others into following their dreams and reaching the top of their domains and does not hesitate in letting everyone know that he also started from the bottom and is now at the top due to sheer effort and hard work put into his work and the motto of “Never Settle” that means to never stop hustling and to keep aiming for your goals and dreams as you’ll one day achieve them and much more.

B.NIGO can be found on Instagram @its.nigo where he posts snaps of him reaching more heights of his life and short teasers of his upcoming songs to keep everyone riled up and excited for the up and coming songs.