Jon Omen (@the.legend.of.jon.omen)

Jon Omen (@the.legend.of.jon.omen)

Kalpana Chawala, an American astronaut and engineer, once said, “the path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it.” Chasing your dream is not as easy as it is the riskest thing one could do. Usually, when it is time for individuals to decide what career they should have, they more often than ever find themselves walking towards conventional career paths. However, some lionhearted people break this norm by pursuing eccentric careers. These people dare to follow their dreams and not let the norms of society drag them down. Instead, they work extra hard to transform their dreams into reality. One such individual is Jon Omen, who not only broke the norms by pursuing his dream but also succeeded in it.

Jon Omen is an artist and songwriter who was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Music has been part of his life ever since he can revive. He began his musical journey at the age of fourteen when he commenced writing music for his musical bands. However, at that time, he didn’t think of music as his career pathway. After completing high school, Jon turned down a fully paid chemistry scholarship and joined the Marine Corps. Being in the Military pushed him into shifting entirely towards the songwriter’s mindset as he had no instruments around him to play. This made him fall for this field even more to the point when Jon got out, he still kept writing songs. During his time in the Military, he did another thing, placing roots near Salt Lake City, which helped him gain acquaintances at local studios. After he concluded his time, he started playing in several bands, which were usually rock and alternative, all around the entire city.

After performing in bands for a while, Jon Omen decided to start his solo career because he wanted to discover his own personal sound. Thus with inspiration from The Neighborhood, AJR, Foster The People, he started creating his sound. It was July 2019 when he released his first-ever single, A Girl Like You. Soon after this song made it to the surface of the internet, it started generating lots of buzzes which only made Jon more confident in his abilities. After which he released I feel it too, a song about breaking the norms and doing what you love, a song that is the story of Jon Omen. This was the first time he put himself out there wholly, and the listeners loved it even more. His following kept swelling, and he kept doing better than before.

However, the rise wasn’t rays of sunshine and rainbows. It took Jon countless sleepless nights to work on his music and give out beautiful art. Just like the saying goes, “you get out of life what you put into it.” Since he put in an endless amount of hardwork and talent into his work, he received myriads of offers and opportunities. One of them being that Jon worked with various record labels and Grammy award-winning producers such as Robert Smith. Not only this, but he has charted at 36 number on iTunes chart and many other music charts.

It was since then, the proposals and blessings kept knocking on his door. For instance, his songs were picked up for tv and movie sync placement and are used by social media influencers in their videos almost every day. His success story became so inspirational that he featured in many music blogs and articles.

Jon Omen is a true inspiration for all who want to do something out of the box despite society telling them to follow conventional careers. To drive the point home, he has made an Instagram account, @the.legend.of.jon.omen, where he gives a scoop into his personal and work life in the hope to inspire more people out in the world into following their dreams. The best part of Jon’s story is that there are still so many blank pages left which he has yet to fill.