Johny Brandom (@johnybrandom)

Johny Brandom (@johnybrandom)

Having an artistic mind, being an ordinary kid Johny Brandom was extremely attracted towards various artistic activities since quite early in his childhood. He used to spend much of his time performing certain artistic activities that always kept him entertained as well as busy in creating many interesting artistic things such as painting and sculpting. Apart from having a keen interest in painting and sculpting, Johny Brandom was also a deep observer of television and media. Johny soon started practicing media-related activities as well which included dancing and acting. The more he got involved in the artistic world, his capabilities of creating new things and art kept on enhancing with time.

Johny Brandom is a 29-year-old music artist who was born on the 9th of June in the year of 1992. His actual birth name is Edwin J. Nunez Calo, who later on changed his name to Johny Brandom. After completing his schooling, Johny soon started participating in different artistic activities particularly acting in various local talent shows. In the year 2003 when he was only 11 years old, he used to mimic many great artists including famous musicians such as Héctor (El Father). While performing imitations of exponents of famous music, Edvin J. Nunez Calo also known as Johny Brandom soon realized his never-ending love for the artistic world and decided to choose to become an artist in his career. During the year 2003 to 2005, Johny Brandom struggled quite hard to find authentic sources that can help him go further in pursuing his dream of becoming an artist. In 2005, with the collaboration of a local music studio, he finally got an opportunity to produce his first-ever music.

As soon as his first music production was executed, Johny Brandom kept on going further in the music industry and he never looked back starting producing his own music professionally. He soon realized of becoming a musician professionally and his choice proved not to be a wrong choice at all. Johny started getting many opportunities back to back. Initially, Johny Brandom became part of a duet called Jadniel and Chantiel los 2jc. Being a part of this music duet, Johny’s talent got upgraded day by day. Together with the duet of Jadniel and Chantiel los 2jc, Johny did many things such as he was being presented by important artists like Ken-y from the duet Rkm and ken-y.

In the starting years of his career from 2010 to 2011, Johny Brandom presented his music art in the opening shows for caliber artists like Farruko. Later on, he started working on creating his own music. With the passage of time, Johny Brandom selected various artists to form his team. He now works in music collaborations as well as producing his own music. His music team is named Vision Music and he has launched many singles so far. Some of the most famous releases of Johny Brandon include A PUNTO DE LLAMARTE Ft. Aneudys X Davinci X Delvalle X Jaybian X Cardec, COLOMBIANA Ft. RUDY GS, and QUIERE CALLE.

Apart from performing in various local shows, Johny Brandom travels to various countries along with his team to perform concerts. He has recently got an opportunity to be the sponsor of the raffle with the biggest influencer in Columbia. His work has been highly appreciated by the citizens of Colombia which not only gave Johny and his team a huge motivation but he has also got future projects in Columbia as well as other countries. Johny believes in working hard and always spreads the message of achieving their desired goals by working hard.