Johnnie Paxton (@jpaxton323)

Only a few people find their happiness in serving others and working towards the betterment of society, Johnnie Paxton is one of them. Johnnie is an entrepreneur, social worker, photographer, and a kind person. Life is too short, so he believes in the philosophy of living life to the fullest in helping others. With more than 9k followers on his Instagram account, he owns a small business that earns a lot of money, but the primary purpose behind starting a business is to serve people. People’s needs are satisfied when provided with a unique product or service that solves their problems. This generous man started his business not to become great but, he started a great business to help people. Not just this, he completed his master’s from one of the highly reputed institutes, that is, the University of South California. He believes life should have some purpose. When life has a purpose, it makes you most powerful. Even if you may stumble, you will not fall since you will have reason to stand again. If you follow people who spread positive vibes on your newsfeed, you should follow @jpaxton323 on Instagram.

People think being an entrepreneur is very tough and risky. Indeed, it is a difficult decision to make, but once you get settled in your industry, doors are opened, and you will achieve what you always wanted. It is not like entrepreneurs always work and do not live their lives. The living example of Johnnie Paxton displays that it is not true. He enjoys his life with friends and family while working hard towards his business. He knows how important it is to keep a healthy balance between work and personal life. One should not mix it; otherwise, mental health gets destroyed. His Instagram reveals his hangouts with his friends and family. It also shows his loving and relationship-oriented nature. It is essential to value and care for your loved one; one should not forget his friends. He tries his best to help his friends and become available for them. Follow @jpaxton and see how well he manages his business and personal life.

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Everyone wants to go to the top of the mountain, but real growth occurs while climbing it. Only those people succeed who have actual knowledge on how to tackle the external risks. Education plays an essential role in this case as it acts as a passport for a successful future. It is not about learning facts but training your mind to think and be creative enough to solve your and people’s problems. The passionate individual has completed his master’s from the University of South California. A prestigious institute helped him gain insights into the external threats or opportunities and utilize these opportunities towards change. It is the result of all the learning and leads to growth. Follow @jpaxton323 and get inspiration about business investment decisions.

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Instagram is the right picture-sharing platform that allows many people to showcase their talent. The best photography starts with children and friends, which can be seen on Johnnie’s profile. He loves to capture children and arranges pictures on a set of compositions of color and designs to catch the essence of every element. He has impeccable taste when it comes to putting pictures. Moreover, he captures nature and social issues. Using skills to raise awareness regarding the environment or other matters in these competitive times is one of the most significant plus points. This shows photography can be used to support a cause and to join the movement. If you are looking for inspirational photography tricks or suggestions, @jpaxton323 is a must-follow account on your list.