Jonathan Ross(@4remjay)

Jonathan Ross(@4remjay)

Basketball, by nature, is a competitive sport on a league of its own. Although like every other sport,  it too requires and expects from its players a level of skill, determination, spirit, and passion – unlike most others, it also requires a level of mental toughness that most players lack. This is also what distinguishes a good basketball player from a great one. In order for one to achieve greatness and recognition in a field as competitive and increasingly hard, one must learn to let go of their ego and humble themselves. For a player to break through the ceiling which puts a cap on their potential and stops them from achieving that level where all their boundaries are broken, they need to stop and evaluate. Contemplate their own weaknesses and take a step back – look inside themselves and break the boundaries which hold them back from achieving their true potential.

Normally a skill that would require years of self-reflection and a prodigal mindset to reach, Johnatan Wosaa is on such up-and-coming arrival in the world of basketball who seems to be breaking down all these notions with his fresh new style and enchanting charisma which seems to take the attention of all the eyes on and off the court. Almost out of high school and with multiple offers from nationally renowned universities – such as the University of Valley Forge, the Feltrim Academy, Texas Wesleyan University, and the Ottowa University – already at the ready to offer him a spot on their teams as one of the main players, this young man is certainly taking the basketball world by storm.

With his skills ranging all the way from maintaining a strong defense and having a great hand for rebounds to having a powerful offense that manages to cut through the opposing team’s defense like a knife to butter and a strong dunk to sweeten the deal, Johnathan is the perfect all-rounder when it comes to what a coach looks for in a player on the court. It comes as no surprise that everyone seems to want to pick him up for their team before anyone else gets to have a piece of him.

Eager to show off the continuous strides he seems to be making in his career at such a young age in the hopes of inspiring others, Johnathan’s Instagram page ((@habits_365) sports a wealth of the young man’s best plays so that not only can fans – his own or of the sort in general – watch and learn from the best, but also so that better players or coaches to happen to stumble upon his page can give out constructive criticisms which could help better his play too. Now that’s a win-win situation if we’ve ever seen one.

With over nine thousand followers and counting, this young prodigy is quickly gaining notoriety for his talent, not only in the offline community but also in the online space, where basketball enthusiasts and the like aren’t the only ones keeping a keen eye on the young man’s future. A versatile person by nature, Johnatan is not afraid to try his hand at something new. And so when he found a fashion company that seemed to cater to his values of maintaining healthy habits and cultivating them to grow, the young man did not need to think twice before signing up to become a brand ambassador and model for HABITS 365 – a New York based apparel company started in 2017 by two now college students who live their life  by the motto “Your habits determine your success.”

True to their slogan and wanting to spread their message to the world, HABITS 365 is determined to encourage the practice of positive habits, 365 days a year. An individual who deeply values disciple Johnathan uses his ambassador-ship just another way to inculcate his values to his followers – even outside the court.

True to his character, Johnatan makes sure his fans know how much he appreciates their support and so it comes as no surprise that this young man has been so quick to attain success in everything he tries.