JJ Eubanks (@jj.eubanks)

JJ Eubanks (@jj.eubanks)

Making memories is important because as we grow older, time passes but good and bad memories stay with us and shape us in many ways. Bad memories affect us in a negative way. Unfortunately, those are inevitable. This is why it is important to create many good memories. During our difficult times, good memories give us warmth and make us feel protected. They give us hope that things will be okay soon.  For most children, their childhood dreams involve going to parks and recreation sites often far away from home. Planning these trips can be difficult and inconvenient. At times like these one definitely requires assistance. But the question arises about where can one find someone who has enough knowledge to help with something like this.

This is where MVP aka Magical Vacation Planner comes in. Founded by Jamie Eubanks and her husband JJ Eubanks in 2006 as a storefront travel agency, it is now one of the best and well-respected vacation planning agencies in the state of Indiana. Jamie Eubanks says she had always been in love with the concept of making memories. Growing up, she would plan little trips with her family and keep a record of all her visits in her journal. This wanderlust and passion for making memories combined with a love for humanity resulted in the formation of a new dream. Jamie’s new dream was helping others make memories. Her vast knowledge of traveling and all the arrangements associated with it came in handy at a time like this. So in 2006, she and her husband JJ Eubanks laid the foundations for MVP. It started as a store-front travel agency. They wanted to meet clients face to face to be able to plan the perfect trip for them. Excellent customer service is their strongest suit, they relished in providing the best services to their clients and they were always left satisfied by the end of their trips.

“Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust” is their motto. They ask clients for their faith, fulfill their trust, and make their travels magical. What started with one person sitting behind the desk working as a solo travel agent became a full team of dedicated and talented people who excel at what they do. Clients always describe their services as “beyond expectations”. One client was especially happy with how they catered to their food allergies and helped them find restaurants that would serve food according. They had been extremely worried about having to cancel their trip but the agents at MVP went above and beyond to find them the appropriate restaurants and make arrangements. They also assisted by giving various useful tips. All in all, their trip was a success and the client was so satisfied they wrote a wonderful review from them that looked like it came straight from the heart. Other clients have commended them for being kind, understanding, and hard-working.

Most of their planned trips have been to Disney World, which is a popular recreational site for children and adults alike. People from all over the world want to visit Disney World. Such a trip can seriously go sour if not planned properly, as it has a long waiting list and there is a lot of waiting time for the rides. However, if you get MVP to plan your trip, they make sure you not only get Fast Passes for most of your rides but have to wait very little for the regular ones. This shows that they really have full knowledge of what they’re doing.

JJ Eubanks is also an athlete and philanthropist. On the side, he also manages Ear For You. An organization that aims to provide essential aid and necessities to those in need within the hospitality industry surrounding Central Florida and beyond.

The Eubanks hope to continue their business and use this opportunity and their success to help make more people make the memories they desire. They always aim to make things accessible for their clients and bridge gaps for them. Technology is a big factor in planning trips in this day and age. Having a team full of experts, they know exactly how to navigate the nooks and crannies to find their clients the best deals available.