Jessie Chase(@jjchase)

When a burst of energy and vitality, wrapped up with love and kindness in the body, a beautiful young woman Jessie Chase comes. It’s difficult to categorize a woman like Jessie Chase. Jessie Chase has 43.7k Instagram followers (@jjchase) and 1.6k Facebook friends. She is a stunning woman who has excelled in everything she has set her mind to. Jessie is passionate about social media and the online era, and she founded The Social Medium, a digital media agency. Jessie was also the first Community Manager for Lancôme, the leading L’Oréal brand. Among the entire L’Oréal Luxe group, she has been designated a best practice in Social Media. Learn more about the world of fashion with____ Jessie Chase.

Jessie cannot procrastinate her tasks; she pulls herself up by her bootstraps and gets things done. Her power comes from her unwavering resolve to give 100% whatever she attempts. Jessie started her first internship at the age of 14. Jessie empowers young girls; she teaches them that making small steps forward each day adds to an enormous result. Jessie was a native of New York who turned to Paris. From Montclair, New Jersey, Jessie has always had a stronger connection to New York City. She believes that New York’s culture represents her attitude more than any other city. Jessie earns the most potent weapon, education, from Harvard Business School. Following that, Jessie enrolled at Barnard College. Undoubtedly, education is a tool that shapes a person’s mentality, so she continued her education at Columbia University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree. Be informed and empowered and keep up with Jessie.

Jessie Chase is an entrepreneur and social media professional who finds it challenging to juggle multiple tasks at once. She founded the world’s first Social Media Agency dedicated to making you comfortable. Jessie has worked for high-end fashion houses like DVF and APC. Jessie Chase is currently working by Lancôme as an international community manager. As a brand ambassador, she monitors online activities and executes efficient social media strategies to reach a wider audience. Keep calm and surround yourself with fashion by following Jessie.

Jessie Chase is also a well-known yoga instructor getting out of the corporate world. She was enamoured with yoga and felt a sense of inner calm. Yoga brought Jessie serenity and harmony; that’s why she began teaching it. She desired to share the feeling of perfect peace with others that yoga provided her. Jessie feels a new sense of motivation due to this engagement. She can help others while also improving herself. Jessie has built a more remarkable ability to focus and persevere with the support of yoga. She regards it as a discipline that can be useful in all aspects of life. Jessie has been classy since she was born, so stay tuned with this marvellous young lady.

Jessie Chase has earned a great deal of life experience via her various activities. This woman has done everything from navigating the fashion industry and the corporate world to teaching yoga and serving as a community manager. It would be a pity if she had no guidance for people aspiring to live a life like hers. That’s is why Jessie decided to start her podcast “My Beautiful Food by JJ,” also known as “Savoir Vivre by JJ.”  In her podcast, she discusses various stuff she has encountered in her life. The focus of the podcast is on wellness and self-improvement. She’s had the privilege of speaking with Tramuta, Kenza Sadoun el Glaoui, Madeleine Shaw, a nutritional therapist and author, and Danna Omari, the founder of Noy skincare. If you want to keep up with Jessie’s fascinating lifestyle, follow her on Instagram at @jjchase.