Jessie Chase (@jjchase)

Jessie Chase (@jjchase)

It’s hard to put a woman like Jessie Chase in a box. She is someone that has excelled in any and everything that she has put her mind to. Hailing from Montclair, New Jersey Jessie has always felt more connected to New York City. She feels like the entire culture of New York represents her mindset better than any other city. . She is a do-or-die kind of person. Jessie took on her first internship when she was only 14 years old. Jessie isn’t one to sit around and procrastinate about things she pulls herself up from the bootstraps and does it. Her strength lies in her absolute determination to give 100% effort at everything she tries.

She currently resides in Paris where she is tearing it up in multiple fields. Most people find it difficult to manage one thing at a time while Jessie Chase is a Yoga instructor, entrepreneur, and social media expert. She is a seasoned professional in the fashion industry. Jessie has worked for luxury fashion brands such as DVF and APC. Currently, Jessie Chase can be seen using her tech expertise and social media savviness working as an international community manager for the luxury cosmetics company Lancôme. The scope of her job involves everything from working as a brand ambassador to monitoring the online activities and implementing effective social media campaigns in order to engage a larger audience. Jessie is extremely creative, she is an innovator, constantly coming up with ideas and strategies to capture the attention of wider crowds.

Moving away from the corporate world Jessie Chase is also an extremely acclaimed yoga expert. Jessie fell in love with the art of yoga as soon as she touched it. She felt the sort of inner peace that was missing from her life. She believes that anyone that has to navigate through big cities like New York or Paris needs to have some sort of outlet that helps them find harmony in all the chaos and confusion.  Jessie found peace and harmony in yoga which is why she started teaching it. She wanted to be able to share the feeling of complete calmness that yoga gave her with other people. This activity has given Jessie a new sense of purpose. She can help others while bettering herself. She views yoga as a discipline that can come in handy in all walks of life, Jessie has been able to develop a greater ability to focus and endure with the help of yoga.

Jessie Chase has gained a lot of life experience from all the different things she has done. From navigating the fashion industry and the corporate world to teaching yoga and being a community manager, this woman has done it all, it would be a shame if she didn’t have tidbits of advice to give to people aspiring to lead a life similar to hers, which is why Jessie decided to start her podcast “My Beautyfeul food by JJ” also known as “Savoir Vivre by JJ” in which she discusses different things she has experienced in her life. The podcast is mainly centered around wellness and self-improvement. In every episode, Jessie dives deep into her anecdotes and information. Her main goal with this podcast is to inspire people to improve themselves and their lives. Jessie has been able to host a large number of influential personalities on her podcast. She has had the pleasure of interviewing people like Tramuta, Kenza Sadoun el Glaoui, nutritional therapist and author Madeleine Shaw, and the founder of Noy skincare Danna Omari.

You might be wondering what’s next for Jessie?. Well, the answer lies in Naturopathy. Jessie is an aspirin naturopathic consultant. She has always firmly believed that there’s no illness that nature can not heal and has finally decided to take on another challenge in her already busy schedule. If you want to keep up with Jessie’s enigmatic life give her a follow on Instagram @jjchase.