Jermaine Hughley(@maintainthedream)

Jermaine Hughley(@maintainthedream)

People grow from their mistakes. Creativity is all about experimenting, and experimenting comes with making mistakes, breaking the rules, and having fun. Being a content creator, Jermaine has all these qualities. He is one of the dynamic and lively content creators we have, gaining popularity on YouTube and TikTok while fulfilling his responsibilities. Spreading love and happiness is the most challenging yet beautiful thing in life; Jermaine does that amazingly. A loyal husband and responsible father make a man gentleman like Jermaine. People like him for his amazing content with his wife and children, which helped him gain more than 19.3k followers and 80.6k likes on Tiktok. If you like to follow content creators, you should follow him on TikTok for amazing videos with the user name (@maintainthedream).

The world is changing, and people are no longer interested in working 9 to 5. Creative people like diversity and multitasking; they want to explore their inner self and utilize their talent to earn and help others. Not only on TikTok, but this person also gets thousands of views on his YouTube videos (with the Hughley’s). Since 2016, this family has gained people’s attention with their videos. You can find everything on his content, from sharing his married life, having fun with family, and date nights to roaming around the streets of Florida. Like many other content creators and YouTubers, Jermaine makes funny videos, pranks, and travel blogs. Differentiation is the key these days; it is essential to have something that makes you unique from others. His family-related videos, traveling, and everything about marriage and children is the unique point that connects him with the audience. Like marketing, people like it when they see something they can relate to. The reality and fun shown in his videos admire people. Are you bored of the mainstream content creators working for PR and want some reality-based content? Jermaine is your man; follow him on TikTok.

Family is not an essential thing in life; it’s everything. Without family, your life seems useless. Jermaine knows the value of his family and tries every possible thing to make them happy. His YouTube channel shows his inspiration from his family as he named the channel with his family. His amazing supportive wife Melissa and three children make his home a house. Everyone wants a house, but a family builds a house. A place where you make memories, fight and share happiness and sorrows. Follow Jermaine on TikTok and get all the family-oriented positive vibes.

Life is incomplete without good food when you create something new. It would help if you tried something new to eat frequently. Jermaine and his wife are so fond of good food that they go for dinners and outings and love to try new cuisine. They want their food to be full of adventure and flavors like their life. There is no love more sincere than the love for food. If you want to witness new food ideas, Follow Jermaine on TikTok.

Travelling makes everything perfect when you are done with your hectic daily routine, go somewhere. The best time you can spend is with your family, looking for new places, running around in new cities, looking for food, and lots of laughter. This person takes time for his children and family and visits new places. They recently went on a Vegas trip and shared blogs and posts on TikTok. By doing so, he inspires people and encourages them to plan such unique activities. If you can afford to go to some beach or park with your family, feel the difference in your bond with each family member. Follow Jermaine and get inspirational traveling ideas.