Jen Harwood

Jen Harwood

“If you don’t like where you are, Change the Picture.” – Jen Harwood

In the world we have today, the business has taken over the world with great effect with no indication of stopping. Starting and establishing your business has become one of the necessities to a great life and while many set out to set their sail, not many make it and end up sinking with everything and this is where Jen Harwood comes. Jen is a Business Coach with over 20+ years of experience and has coached over 3500+ businesses in this time. While she continuously helps businesses achieve their goals, Jen makes sure that the vast knowledge that she holds within her through her various experiences through helping businesses grow to great heights is not confined to her and is set out to teach others the ways of business in the form of a book called “The Greatness Principle”.

A good business has defined sets of goals at every step and being result-focused, Jen makes sure that whatever task she takes in her hand, she produces results above everything else by designing the best business strategies and using her vast amount of knowledge to ensure results. Jen provides people with many different services such as coaching their startups, E-Commerce businesses, Professional Services, and Family Businesses.

To make sure that anyone approaching her is given the most knowledge possible, Jen makes sure that she emphasizes great focus and assures that you achieve direction for whatever you want to do and all of that while avoiding any non-realistic approaches and works only on practical, implementable ideas that are result-focused.

“Knowledge increases by sharing but not by saving.” Believing in empowering others and seeing people grow, after helping various businesses, she has set out to teach others the ways of business and spread the valuable information that she’s accumulated through the years. For this, Jen Harwood has written her book “The Greatness Principle” in which she teaches about how you can build a great business, a great career, and great results and is worded in the easiest of terms to make it accessible and as helpful as possible without overwhelming you.

Apart from her book, Jen greatly believes in connections and networking and is often seen encouraging people through her motivational talks that she gives not only at various different great conferences but also in High Schools to encourage the young ones to start off their business and be the next generation of businessmen. Networking is one of Jens favorite things to do and she believes in it more than anything else because of the vast experience, knowledge, and opportunities it can bring you and that is why she’s often seen around a new crowd, a new audience, or a new set of people, trying to explore and connect to new people while enjoying the whole process through the travel and adventure with it.

Being a business coach, she herself runs a very successful business known as “Happy Hair Brush” that can be found on Instagram @happyhairbrush that owns the issue of entangled hair and uses this opportunity to deal in an Original Aussie Hair Detangler that works like a charm and has over 5000+ 5 star review and 56.5k followers on Instagram and a very active sale. Acknowledging the different types of hair, there are different types of brushes for different hair types and this makes sure that no one is left out. To make sure that the customers are well appreciated and to share their experiences, Happy Hair Brush has many different clients ranging from Adult men and women to cute little kids and adorable babies that are featured on their story highlights and is always a refreshing thing to see.

Jen Harwood can be followed on her personal Instagram @jen_harwood or @happyhairbrush which she is a founder of or @greatnessprinciple with a website which is for her book and also on her website