Jeda Voice (@jedavoice)

Jeda Voice (@jedavoice)

Jeda Voice is an independent artist and one of the most prominent up and coming faces of R&B. Music was destiny for this rising artist. According to him he tried divorcing music many times when he would feel demotivated and exhausted, but he always found comfort being in the studio. Music chose him and he was the happiest writing and producing.

Jeda Voice originates from southern California, Inland Empire. His songwriting has been very expressive and full of emotions ever since he was a kid. He wrote his first poem in elementary school which left his mother shocked because of how incredible it was especially coming from someone his age. He wrote and produced his first song in high school when he was just 14 years old. He comes from an avid churchgoing family, so he grew up participating in the youth mass choir where he was honored for his exceptional deliverance and confidence. He received tons of praise from his audience which made him famous in the community and paved the way for him to perform with Kirk Franklin at a gospel festival.

At the age of 19, Jeda held auditions all over his city, Inland Empire to form a girl group. The ambitious artist then chose the girls with the best vocals to perform and sing his music. Jeda would record hooks for the local artists in his city and one day in the studio he was told his voice deserved to be heard by the world. The next day his stage name, Jeda Voice, came as a vision to him and he stuck with it ever since.

 All through his career he has struggled with doubting himself and his career mostly because of how the people closest to him did not support him in his decision and were skeptical about his career choice. He was constantly told how if he was the next “big” thing he would’ve been famous already. But like always, all great things take time and hard work. His relationships resulted in breakups, managers would profit off his shows and not pay him, people slamming doors on his face, signing wrong deals and false opportunities, he has been through it all but made it here with a confident mindset. He never made the mistake of believing what negative things people had to say about him and with that he found peace and love in himself and prospered. The studio is his happy place and creating music is what he loves and adores. It gives him a sense of satisfaction and thrill. He believes everybody has that one thing in life they are extremely passionate about and for him it is music. Songwriting is a skill he excels at and is notably praised for.

His genre is alternative R&B which all of us love and listen to but with a little bit of edginess. He is greatly influenced by The-Dream and how he revolutionized the next wave of R&B music. He thinks The-Dream is truly the best R&B artist of this generation and is applauded for how he made it okay to say some things you would not normally hear on a R&B track. He describes his relationship with The-Dream with that of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Kobe was a phenomenal player, but he could not have gotten where he was if it weren’t for closely studying Jordan and studying his game and perfecting it.  Jeda has been compared to The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Chris Brown.

The impassioned artist already has his own record label by the name 8th Moon. He dreams to win a Grammy and give back to this industry and culture. He currently resides in Riverside, CA. He has fought long and hard for where he is right now and he’s only just getting started! His fantastic debut album “PwII8” with 20 tracks is his finest work yet. “Purple Rain” from the album is proof of how refined his writing skills are and what he’s all about It just came out and is available on all streaming platforms! Jeda has new and exciting music to come and is already working on his second album!