Jayndrew (@jay_n_drew)

Jayndrew (@jay_n_drew)

Often in life, we come across events that do not align the way we want them to so they lead us to a lifestyle that we did not plan much for. Relationships are hard to maintain when things get bitter and eventually one has to detach from them to retain sanity. Talking solely about the life of a single parent, there is no doubt that it can get challenging to an extent where you feel like you would want to fix your mistakes of the past but then obviously life has moved further and you will have to move on with the current circumstances.

Andrew, a single parent to a beautiful daughter, Jaylanie underwent the same journey of becoming a single parent that several people go through. He runs a page on Instagram by the name @jay_n_drew and has made quite a name on the platform. With a following as huge as 20.1k, Andrew takes over Instagram, standing out by posting content that not many people out there talk about or post. The life of a single parent can be notably busy and restricted. Besides taking care of the kid, one needs to stay focused on themselves too while in the process of it. Balance is what needs to be maintained if one wants to live life with contentment.

The entire content posted by Andrew on his Instagram page revolves around him and his daughter. Together they have fun by planning trips, holding gaming sessions, running for candy shopping, going out for a bike ride, and much more. Looking at his page and from the content that he posts, one can barely spot anything sad or invalidating. That’s the whole purpose of this page, it gives us viewers a sense of happiness that can be achieved if one truly tries to find it. His page gives off fun vibes that could change anyone’s mood from gloomy to happy. Although being on Instagram has gotten him much popularity, Andrew doesn’t hinder back from creating more space on other platforms. On his Instagram bio, he has linked his brand new Youtube channel that he started about a month ago where he creates vlogs every single day with his daughter. Moreover, Andrew is found on TikTok as well where he creates fun content with his daughter and aims to put up a smile on people’s faces.

As many people might assume that being a single father, Andrew must have been lacking behind in bringing up his daughter all by himself, they are wrong. Andrew takes over to his Instagram a video that shows him cleaning his car from the inside and then teaching that to his little daughter. As cute as it may seem, it is indeed an ideal stage to teach kids at this young age, and Andrew proudly fulfills his duty as a parent that he should be. Teaching your kids young is one thing but simultaneously making sure that they are taken care of in the best possible way is another. Through the use of each social medium that Andrew has an account on, he shows the world the right way of bringing up a kid. He takes his daughter to so many exciting places where both of them indulge in multiple activities and secure a bonding time together. Recently he took her to this place called ‘Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs’ where his daughter is found fascinated by the dinosaurs and looked interested in learning about them too. He takes her to various other adventurous places like Arizona mills, where he watches her ride on the swings and enjoy her childhood period.

While it may seem that Andrew’s daughter spends time with him only, the truth is that she goes off to her mother’s house as well, and Andrew gets sad when she leaves as he tells the audience on his Youtube channel. To sum it up, Andrew is doing a great job as an influencer daddy and is a proud single parent of his cute little daughter. Many single parents should take advice from him and watch his videos to get inspiration if they are going through the same phase.