Jay Chung (@jayints)

Jay Chung (@jayints)

Jay Chung is a man of many talents and skills. While he is widely known across Canada for his musical group’s performances, he also expresses his artistic talents through professional photography. Jay Chung leads a Korean performing arts group called “Hurricanes”. This group is made of talented individuals who come from different cultural backgrounds. The multicultural talented group of artists works towards promoting Korean sound and music.

Being a leader of a group of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds is not an easy feat for a leader. However, Jay Chung successfully pulls it off. The group has been performing around the world for over 6 years now. This venture, which began as a means of promoting Korean music, is finally getting the recognition it deserves, and a huge role is played by Jay Chung.

Hurricanes is a musical team that has been working hard to promote traditional Korean sound. Given that Canada is a widely multicultural place, it was easy for Hurricanes to begin there. Moving forward from Canada, they started touring countries all around the world to showcase their talents and to give people a taste of traditional Korean music.

Hurricanes is a strictly non-profit organization that focuses on maintaining and promoting Korean sound in the world while providing a great musical experience for their audience. Their shows usually hold an average of 800 people and up until now, they have done hundreds of performances out of which 70 were major performances that brought a great deal of attention and recognition to the group.

Hurricanes didn’t just stop at ground-breaking performances. Their success was meant to go further. This is why after their numerous performances across different cities in the world, they finally landed on national television. For any rising talent, being featured on national television is usually when they start getting bigger. There’s no reason to believe the same wouldn’t happen for Hurricanes. They are, after all, following a cause that promotes a hidden music sound.

One thing about Korean music is that it is getting a lot of recognition in the world now. Many of the greatest bands and artists of the time are Korean artists related to the K-pop genre. K-pop itself as a genre has become quite popular. Some might even say it’s more popular than English pop music.

The rise of Korean music in the international music industry began in 2016 when some of the biggest Korean bands started getting nominations for international awards along with Hollywood pop stars. However, K-pop saw this rise largely due to their fanbase that was so huge, it was next to impossible to miss them.

Jay Chung began this venture way before K-pop started getting popular. His venture wasn’t a product of a rising genre. Instead, it was a means of promoting the traditional Korean sound which may not be found in K-pop and the likes.

After being broadcast on national media, Hurricane’s popularity only grew. They established a fan base and made a fan group. The musical group would then hold special concerts and events for this fan group. Hurricanes is a powerful group that has a great potential for future success. However, their success greatly depends on their exposure and recognition. This is why their tours around the world are a great way of spreading the word about them while also showing people firsthand what they produce.

Besides being a leader of such a talented musical group, Jay Chung is also a wonderful photographer. He has his online photography studio where he puts up all of his work. While some photographers love capturing people and moments, others, like Jay Chung, capture nature and its beauty. His Instagram page for his photography venture is full of beautifully captured fish, plants, flowers, and occasionally, people too.

Both of Jay Chung’s creative ventures are doing quite well, and they have the potential to be even bigger and more spectacular. To find out more about Jay Chung’s ventures, you can follow him on Instagram (@jayints).