Jason Smith Life (@jasonsmithlife)

 Jason Smith Life (@jasonsmithlife)

As the world transitioned into modernity, creativity and opportunities blossomed to allow people to busy themselves in all sorts of ways. People started businesses and became entrepreneurs, some found dream corporate jobs to manage a certain kind of lifestyle for themselves, some pursued further education to quench their thirst for knowledge. In essence, humanity just needs ways to occupy itself, and in this day and age, occupation is the best way to do so, as it also reaps benefits such as experience, money, learning, and an opening to a productive lifestyle. Some find the hack to a comfortable and better life by offering their expertise and skills to other people from the comfort of their homes where they can maintain their quality of life without suffering at the hands of finances. Some might think that kind of service has lots of uncertainty, but the comfort it comes with is unmistakable as not everyone likes office jobs or being held back for hours in a day.

This conscious decision was made by Jason Smith, who wanted to be the boss of himself and not be bound by other commitments. Utilizing his skillset that he mastered and honed over the years, the details of which will be gone into, Jason found the elixir of lifestyle maintenance by selling his skills, knowledge, and experience to people all around the world through the accessibility the internet provides. 

When helping others helps you twofold, what better path would there be to take than that? For Jason, his expert hand over storytelling, sales, marketing, branding, consulting, and creating content, in general, seemed like the way to go. Not only was his skill set diverse and versatile, but it also comprised all the things that were relevant and required by other business owners. Being creative with your words and knowing how to capture the attention of those listening, and even those who aren’t is a craft not mastered by most. Not only does this indicate a steady hand over words, but attention-grabbing in general. Sometimes, a witty brand presence is what people need, and Jason provided just that with his methods and allowed a lot of brands to have more fun and interactive presence on platforms such as Instagram.

Nowadays, run-of-the-mill strategies do not survive in the business and do not compete well with bigger groups, and Jason happened to be just the guy who could help with that. His ample knowledge of unconventional marketing and branding skills have helped him build his client base, his consulting knowledge certainly helping keep that clientele loyal. When businesses know someone genuinely cares about their growth and isn’t just applying textbook strategies, they know they have the right person on board.

Being a niche business owner himself, Jason not only has the know-how of running a business, but he also has hands-on experience in regards to how it should be built from the ground up. He has created content relevant to the market he caters to on his Instagram (@jasonsmithlife) and has managed to successfully keep them interested, proven by his whopping 23,000 followers. Having a 30 to 70 percent female to male engagement ratio respectively and an average of 600+ likes on each of his posts, Jason’s skill set proves to be useful and effective not just for himself, but for his clients as well. People like Jason who help others build businesses and brands knowing the struggle that goes into it, do it with an authenticity that big agencies and consultancies might not do. That proves to be the reason he still has a solid client base and the trust of so many people who believe that his knowledge will help them for the better.