Jason Moattar (@moattar)

Jason Moattar (@moattar)

In the United States alone, family-run businesses account for more than half of the total gross domestic product. Around thirty per cent of the Fortune 500 companies are also family-owned. This is huge! These statistics make sense because family businesses tend to be driven by long-term goals with an experience that spans multiple generations of the family. A very special element in family businesses is that of trust which sets them apart from all other kinds of businesses. due to this, their partnerships are longer and they have a much stronger relationship with the industry and their clients.

Commitment also seems to be a big theme within family-run businesses because to them, it is just not a job or the work that they do. One such family-run business is Moattar. The business’ name means aromatic or fragrant in Farsi, is also their current owners’ last name. The minds behind Moattar are Andrea and Jason Moattar who were both born in the rug business that was started by their father, Edward Moattar in 1963. It was through this business that Atlanta became a sought-after location for rugs which is something that can still be seen today.

Jason and Andrea made sure to continue the legacy started by their father by not only just maintaining it but also taking it into new, innovative directions. What was once only a rug business has now expanded so much that they now have the largest rug inventory in the South which comprises antique rugs, reproduced rugs, modern rugs and also custom rugs. Their speciality ranges from hand-knotted rugs to a speciality assortment of hides and even beyond that. They also deal with candles in addition to rugs. These candles also work well with their brand as they are all individually hand-poured and a hundred per cent natural going with Moattar’s theme.

Jason is the co-president of Moattar LLC along with Andrea who appears to have been born with business-savviness in his genetics. From the numerous accomplishments, he has achieved through his work with Moattar, selling a rug to the White House is one.  Jason is extremely innovative when it comes to ideas surrounding the company and his work. ­his quick wit and extremely stylish sensibilities helped him get where he is today.

Andrea and Jason work hard for Moattar and spend quite a lot of their time travelling to trade shows and attending them to purchase all kinds of rugs for their clients. Since Moattar is a trade-show showroom, they have to spend quite a lot of time and energy into finding the perfect rugs for their clients which range from interior designers and architects buying for their clients. According to Jason, this is much smoother and less time-consuming than selling directly to the customers since they might just not know what they want even after having seen twenty different rugs since possibilities are endless!

Jason has a special talent and passion when it comes to Moattar. He is both very learned and experienced when it comes to his work. He explains that the key behind Moattar being as successful that it currently is is its versatility and adaptability. It also does as well because the minds behind it are as passionate as they are. According to Jason, these rugs are considered art.

Moattar has also been featured in multiple publications including Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle, Holiday Gift, All in The Family, Most Beautiful Atlantans and Best of the City. Jason also has been featured in the Atlantan Men of Style in 2019.

Aside from his work, he advocates for being in the best shape possible. According to The Most Beautiful Atlantans’ coverage of Jason and Andrea Moattar, Jason regularly frequents the Atlantan area gyms for his extensive workout schedules. One can get an insight into how Jason is outside of work on his Instagram where he posts about his personal life, amazing interior décor and also rugs. One can follow him on his Instagram page at the handle @moattar.