Jason Giordano (@thisrapbiz)

Jason Giordano (@thisrapbiz)

“Don’t save your best for when you think the materials call for it. Always bring your full potential to every take, and be on top of your job, or they will replace you”.

You must master your life in the same way that you master your craft; you must take your life out of neutral; no one can make this commitment for you; you must intentionally pursue your God-given purpose and maximize your divine potential; you must intentionally get rid of self-defeating habits and undermining relationships. Each man is as low or lofty, as small or big, as a base or noble as his thoughts, no more, no less. Each man walks inside the field of his thoughts, and that sphere is his world, in which he builds his habits of thought.

Jason Giordano is one of a kind. His motivation towards his career has bought such fruitful outcomes for him. Jason Giordano is an Entrepreneur.

The entrepreneur is defined as someone who has the ability and the desire to establish, administer, and succeed in a startup venture along with the risk to it, to make profits. Jason Giordano owns his own business. He’s the COO/VP, Business manager of Rhymesick Inc.

Rhymesick is a platform for creative artists who wanted to showcase their creativity through music. This platform gives users access to artists’ playlists and social media and lets people know about their journeys in this career path.

Jason Giordano is also a National tour and festival promoter and is an Artist himself. He carries himself with such grace and takes care of his fitness along those busy schedules.

Jason Giordano works as a Fashion and Brand ambassador for Rhymesick. Giordano designs the shirts and attire for the brand he works on and often models for his brand. To maintain his Brand ambassador post he carries out his fitness routine and nurtures his health.

Rhymesick shop is an online shopping store, run by Jason Giordano’s management. It is an affordable and chic store for the ones who are into fashionable attire. This store contains a different variety of sophisticated pieces. Their featured/promo products include Albums, Accessories, Hats, Hoodies, tees, ladies’ apparel, and baby apparel. Rhymesick is the premium brand by Statik G. This store also has artists’ merchandise of Ian Taylor and Statik G. their accessories include stickers, bandanas, posters of sponsored artists, and aesthetic lucky charms.

Rhymesick Inc is featured on the site of Alignable. Alignable is a platform where small business owners build trusted relationships and generate referrals. Alignable described Rhymesick as one of the fastest-growing networks of independent labels, touring, and talent booking companies in the US.

Quentin, a music producer, recommended rhyme sick as an incredible production team. Rhymesick offers full artist management, recording studio and multimedia, show tour, and talent booking as products and services.

Jason Giordano was asked what was his company’s single best method to wow a customer. To which he replied, “In a business where it’s usual to overpromise and underdeliver, we’d rather exceed anyone’s expectations with whom we do business. Let’s revisit a topic later if the timing isn’t perfect. I’d rather our brand be linked with one outstanding project than ten average projects.” This is the reason for his success in his life, his strategies in business had made his company do wonders.

Jason Giordano’s success has been an inspiration for the unheard artist out there who struggles in the steps they take. His friends and family have been his great support throughout. It all comes down to dependability, stability, and the ability to grow. You can improve if you work hard, are coachable, and understand what you need to do.