Jan Burris (@grindlab_jb)

Jan Burris (@grindlab_jb)

In the 21st century, as the world moves towards technology, it parallels the idea of progressing and modernizing. Each day many people strive to become better versions of themselves by setting goals of improving lifestyles, getting a quality education, and maintaining health standards. Jan Burris is the person who is leading by example in the world of fitness and training.

At some point, we all have felt the need of hitting the gym to acquire a desirable body that will not only allow us to fit in our ideal clothes, but to also value what we have and above all, look good in it! Jan Burris is the person who has been training hundreds of people over the last decade as a strength and conditioning coach and as a personal trainer who are trying to achieve the same goal – a fit lifestyle and a body that reflects that idea. 

Burris has taken up this demanding job as a career from familiar roots of being a professional athlete. Burris has successfully and passionately combined his athletic background with fitness & training. He turned this passion into a benefitting business, where he trains, guides and coaches people who have set certain goals for them to achieve. 

Jan Burris is the owner of a gym called “Fit House” that caters to physical fitness with the ideology to find the greatest potential in their clients through an experience that will help them find a newer self by breaking numerous big and small personal records to achieving a body that they’ve always dreamed of.

Jan Burris is not only an ideal coach in terms of motivating his clients to be a fitter version of themselves,  but also an ideal person to take inspiration from when it comes to finding the best gym apparel. It’s a usual day in Burris’ life to guide people on what would be the most comfortable yet fashionable choice of trainers to wear. To promote proper and trendy looks for the gym Burris is also a part of a sports and lifestyle model agency that is inclusive and diverse with different people of color and gender representing body positivity.

If you thought this is the end, Jan Burris is well informed when it comes to different aspects of how one can live a healthy and fit lifestyle. This includes the very diet and eating habits of people that can make or break their dream of achieving a well maintained physique. Hence, Burris also spreads awareness regarding the food choices of his clients. He recommends people different online food services that provide healthy food and keep their costumers aware of what they’re eating. These include meals that are measured in calories and billed with discount offers through Burris’s recommendation!

Another essential in-take, alongside food, is our drinks: shakes and refreshers. Jan Burris being a gym enthusiast knows of the best, chemical-free protein shake powders available and guides his clients as to what is the most beneficial supplement that they should include in their drinks and shakes on a daily basis, as they make their way to attain a well-balanced lifestyle.

All these qualities, starting from being well experienced, highly motivated, dedicated, and with a ready-to-help attitude towards whoever walks in through the doors of Jan Burris’s gym are all that a client needs in their coach or personal trainer. Deciding to better one’s already existing lifestyle is a hugely positive step in someone’s life and having a professional to guide you through the process and making you believe in your dream is something that Jan Burris knows very well. And if this is not enough you can peek into the intensely hardworking and motivating gym life of Jan Burris through YouTube. Burris occasionally uploads different visual content from his past and present-day to showcase his journey from an athlete to becoming a fitness and training coach.