JADE (@officialjadejc)

“The best investment you can ever make is in your health.” This quote suits @officialjadejc. He is the living role model for those who want to keep themselves fit and healthy. Jade is a fitness enthusiast, traveler, animal lover, and nature lover with more than 2k followers on Instagram. He enjoys activities like jogging, yoga, swimming, pilates while taking care of what he eats is an essential part of his well-being. According to him, during workouts, he doesn’t sweat. He sparkles as it makes him happy. Many people follow him to get inspiration on bodybuilding and fitness. If you are one of them, follow @officialjadejc.

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”. Jade loves to travel, as it helps him explore different cultures meet different people, making him more confident. He thinks traveling makes him relax and recharge him as it reduces stress and anxiety and stimulates the brain. Travelling also helps us sharpen our minds gives us global education and allows us to support the meaning of our life. Jade travels to grow his sense of achievement. He always wants to try new adventures in his life. Besides traveling and fitness, he is also a good swimmer. He loves to go on beaches be in the water. Indeed, swimming is the best exercise to reduce weight, improve mental health, and increase flexibility. Whenever Jade goes on vacation, he likes to go to beaches and spend time there. As he is a fitness enthusiast, he thinks swimming can fit him. In today’s competitive environment where everyone struggles to achieve their goals, who doesn’t want to live a fit and healthy life. For tips and tricks about how to keep ourselves fit, follow @officialjadejc. And if you also love to travel and explore the world with him, he is a must-have follower on your list. Follow him.

Animal lovers are the best people to be around because no one else understands, cares and compassion better than them. If one has loved animals with all their heart, it’s most unlikely that they’ve never been disappointed in return. This wanderlust man is also an animal lover and thinks spending time with animals helps him to increase happiness. Spending time with animals is beneficial both physically and emotionally, it improves immune functioning and other medical abilities. Additionally, interactions with animals can help overcome loneliness, ease social discomfort, and reduce emotional distress. Jade loves to spend time with dogs and horses. He owns a dog as a pet; owning a pet helps him move more, from daily walks to playing around the house. A cat or dog motivates you to get up and be active every day. Jade often does horse riding as he believes that horse riding is an actual test of balance and coordination as it develops confidence and a sense of freedom. Horse riding requires significant effort, energy, and a powerful cardiovascular capacity. One hour of horse riding burns up to 650 calories. Jade also often visits the safari jungle to spend time with animals. Many people follow him to see how he spends time with his pet, if you are also an animal lover, you must follow him on Instagram @officialjadejc.

“A loyal friend is like a four-leaf clover; difficult to get and lucky to have”. Indeed, some people are fortunate to have a friend like Jade as he always looks up to his relationships, be it with his friends or family. Jade is a living example of how to keep friendships, he goes on trips with his friends. Good friends enrich your life and improve your health by improving self-confidence; they also help you deal with discomfort or pressure. Jade is not only a good friend but also a family-oriented man. He always cares for his loved ones. If you want to see his best moment with his friends or family, you should follow @officialjadejc.