Jacquess (@thehandofjacquess)

Jacquess (@thehandofjacquess)

Achieving mastery in a field that requires a creative individual to pour out his or her energy and passion into showcasing their work in its best form. It starts from laying the foundations of a specific art form, understanding and applying the basics, making those basics concrete and then further polishing them. From there, the next step becomes acquainting yourself with the more technical and advanced aspects of that form of art which enriches your work in both the eyes of the artist and the audience.

Any artist needs to be able to have his or her work speak for itself so that any critic or art enthusiast can understand its complexities and break down its layers to be able to understand the artists’ frame of mind and thought process behind it. If an artist is unable to do that, it usually means that the conversation the work has with the pairs of eyes looking at it isn’t clear and doesn’t carry the meaning and intention the artist implied or planned, and this can be either an artist’s biggest downfall or a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow, to enrich ones work so that it can be better understood by others and appreciated the same.

All in all, I think a majority of art practitioners and enthusiasts can get together to agree that, before the mastery of the craft comes copious amounts of backbreaking hard work, trial and error, and many failed attempts at art that can often times either make or break your confidence. In a field where scrutiny clings onto you like a shadow and is as natural to people as breathing, having an iron wall confidence and faith in yourself is extremely integral, and its something that Jacquess has and exhibits on a daily basis.

Where everyone starts small, Jacquess had the exact same road to follow that lead to him becoming an artist cum designer, and what followed certainly was not a flowery road where opportunities threw themselves at him, but a lot of beating down and getting back up till he landed himself in a place where he was happy.

Having skills that are not only appreciated by followers of art and celebrities, but by critics as well has proved to be a huge asset in the field of arts, and Jacquess knows first-hand how it feels to have to go through uncountable naysayers to reach a reputable place, a place where your art and talent is recognized and appreciated before an attempt to find flaws in it.

Entering the field because he had a clean and undoubtable passion and love for art, Jacquess learnt over the years through his career that love alone is not enough to be recognized, but drive, grit and a will to always learn and get back up once you are knocked down is also important. Celebrities are some of the biggest connoisseurs, collectors and consumers of art, and have the ability to give you immense reach and propel you into the world of art and buyers using their platforms and major fan following. Although Jacquess did not aim for this celebrity push, his work was so appreciated by celebrities and professionals that him and his work soon got a push into the spotlight that allowed for major growth.

After a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, Jacquess is a renowned celebrity artist and designer who is currently working on building his social media image as well. Follow him on his Instagram (@thehandofjacquess) to follow him on his journey!