Jack Parker (@sloppysurfer)

Jack Parker (@sloppysurfer)

What is a music producer? Despite the popularity and sudden increase in the number of people entering this field of work, the general population seems to stay blissfully unaware of what the details behind their favorite music come from. So, what exactly entails this job description? A music producer is supposed to be the most well-rounded person in a room when it comes to an understanding and making music.

“How is that so different from a beatmaker?” I hear you say. Well, the short answer to that question is that, for the most part, anyone who makes beats digitally is known as a music producer. A music producer brings in all the components needed to make a good song great – from overlooking the production of beats to making sure that the flow of the music perfectly harmonizes with the song. Donny Baker from ES Audio Services – recognizing how the term has been subject to change with the advent of digital music creation stations such as Logic, Fruity Loops, Reason, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, etc. – defines the term as “The music producer is the guy that is in charge of making your song sound the way he thinks your song should sound to be competitive in the market that your song will be in. A guy who makes beats on his laptop with FL studio is a beatmaker.”

Enter Jack Parker – known as “tiggs” by his friends and better recognized in the music industry as “sloppysurfer,” this young artist is one of the newest additions to the world of music production and beat making. Upstarting his career in 2018, this young man has slowly garnered attention from the general music space. With almost over two thousand plays over on SoundCloud for his most well-known production yet, “Rated “C” for CHASE” – Chase Thai’s song has seen a rise in music quality thanks to this rising star.

With an avid passion for indulging in his craft and always striving for perfection, Jack oft releases his mixes and beats onto his Instagram – where the rising star has managed to garner over six hundred dedicated followers. Although still having gained an early start into his career, the young man has always felt a deep connection to music, going on to state that “I love music. Always have, always will. So, I thought, what better way to continue loving it than pursuing it as a career. I don’t think I’ll ever regret that decision.”

Having faced his number of setbacks throughout his steady treck to fame, this rising star has always been one to persevere and grit his teeth through the hard times. “Even when things look rough, I take comfort in knowing that it’s temporary.” Says Jack. It seems that as long as he is capable of pursuing his dreams, nothing can get in the way of this feisty producer.

Having expressed his love for creating beats and producing great music, Jack finds solace in forwarding his creations to the rest of the world. He is always grateful to his fans; the young producer is always ecstatic to show off his latest beats to the world. And when not producing, this young man is not afraid to party hard and join his followers on his fun. Frequently posting about his daily shenanigans on his Instagram, Parker makes sure to assure his fans that they are more than just his followers – they are friends.

When asked for advice regarding any advice he has to offer to other aspiring music producers, Jack says building self-confidence and self-respect is one of the greatest aspects of your life that you should improve on. “Trust yourself that you can do it and get it.” If you won’t trust in what you’re doing – what you’re pursuing in your life, how do you expect other people to trust you?”

Given his tenacity for pushing through – no matter the hurdles or trials and tribulations he might face on the way – it comes as no surprise that Jack is slowly rising to fame as he is.