Jack Jasmine Natalia

Jack Jasmine Natalia

The life that we are currently living now is entirely different from the life that people lived earlier. There has been a radical change over the past decade regarding almost every work correlated with our lives. The one thing that took over everyone during the past years or so is social media. As we are well aware of the pros and cons attached to everything, it is safe to say that social media have had its cons too. Negative usage of social media has been quite under the light for some time but a lot of positivity has been propagated through the intelligent and good use of social mediums too. It has made it simple and easy to connect with family members through means of video calls and pictures that in the past people couldn’t even imagine of. Most of all, it has strengthened the bonds that would not have been cherished enough if the social mediums did not exist.

Mentioning the social mediums, one of the most embraced sites that people spend their time on has to be Instagram. People are seen putting up pictures and videos of their food, family, life achievements, challenges, and much more. An Instagram page by the name @jackjasandnat depicts one such lifestyle. This page is handled by a mother of three who is obsessed with her little kids. From the looks of it, it can be observed that she is very much into getting her kids photographed.

Throughout her Instagram page, the one consistent thing is the little milestones, when reached, are always up there on her page. This shows how proudly the mother takes her kid’s achievements to her Instagram page and is never shy of uploading too much. Her three kids, Jack, Jasmine, and Natalia are seen all over this page, as the name of her Instagram handle suggests. Multiple photographers have been hired by the mother to get the fancied set of photos. Not to forget, each one of the photos is stunning.

With a following as huge as 29.9k, it is secure to say that the public is obsessed with looking at cute baby pictures. Hitting such a magnificent amount of followers unquestionably creates pressure on the content creator, that is, the mother running the page. However, despite all the high expectations, one can truly see the essence of passion shining in those gorgeous photos.

The most eye-catching part of this Instagram page is that it is handled very professionally. Each occasion that is being celebrated is associated with a particular theme, ranging from the famous pumpkin theme to the unique farmer’s market theme. Intriguing ideas like these are what bring something into focus. Furthermore, she captions her pictures after going through a thought process. In one of the pictures of the two siblings, the caption states: “The greatest gift our parents ever gave us was each other”. This is truly a heartfelt emotion that the mother know is going to be cherished by the children when they grow up and realize the blessing of having a brother or a sister to look up to.

Since this page is solely dedicated to her three kids, the audience of this page is fully aware of each stage of her kid’s life. In one of the many photos, her son is seen to be jolly sitting on a swing. She mentions that the specific swing has become her little one’s favourite hobby. A throwback to November 2018 shows a picture of her holding one of her babies for the first time. The photo shows her hand holding the baby’s hand and her describing that gesture as the best feeling ever.

It is Instagram pages like these that revive the idea of having your family by your side as the greatest blessings one could ask for and should never take for granted. This mother is not only making memories of her children for herself but for them to grow up one day and look back at how beautifully their mama captured their precious moments.