Jack Fitzpatrick (@jack_fitzpatrick2007)

Jack Fitzpatrick (@jack_fitzpatrick2007)

Playing sports passionately is an essential source to make us healthier as well as stronger. Sport effectively teaches us how to stay strong and healthy. Moreover, it magnificently examines our physical abilities and instructs us on how to overcome failures with diligence. Apart from that, sports can also be chosen as a career. As there are many renowned and high-profile players of different sports are dwelling in the world who do not afraid of failure. For them, the harder the match the sweeter the victory. With such a level of passion and dedication, they have made their nation very proud throughout the world. Today’s article is also about a passionate and dedicated sportsperson. He is a prominent basketball player from the United States of America. He does not make excuses but remains focused on his ambitions. He is a child who is born with the tremendous talent of playing basketball.

At a small age, he has achieved many titles for his tremendous performances, and still, he prepares himself for grasping more championships and trophies. With his game, he has inspired the people and this is the reason, he has a great fan following on Instagram and still, the row of his fans is continuously increasing day by day. Yes, we are certainly talking about Jack Fitzpatrick @jack_fitzpatrick2007.

Jack Fitzpatrick belongs from a sports spirited family as his brother is also a basketball player. They both usually play with each other.

Jack Fitzpatrick is basically from New Jersey, USA. His height is 5’9” and his weight is 115LB. His primary position is PG and his secondary position is SG. He made the highest jump record of 27 inches which had never been made by any athlete of his age. He is completing his high schooling at Red Bank Catholic High School. The 13 years old young player is in grade 8th.  He has a great enthusiasm for playing basketball. For maintaining and flourishing his academic excellence, he lives and breathes basketball as he spends a great time, training himself. He got the training for 1 year at Eye of the Tiger too. Currently, he has been getting training at a famous basketball academy in New Jersey, Holy Cross Academy. But he is looking forward to going to Duke or Fordham as his mother, as well as his coach, went there.

Jack Fitzpatrick started off playing basketball with a fluke tournament and soon made his team. So far, he has outstandingly played many basketball matches and won many titles. Recently, he has won the mid-Jersey Basketball League. Apart from that, he also reaches in the finals of DBA U14 winter.

 Jack Fitzpatrick is also exceptionally known as a martial arts athlete. He has been passionately doing martial arts since his kindergarten class. He won the award of citizenship from k-5th. Also, a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Besides these, Swimming is one of the hobbies of Jack Fitzpatrick. Usually goes swimming whenever he gets spare time.

Thus, Jack Fitzpatrick is an iconic personality, who has achieved many acclaimed titles and awards at a very young age and made his parents and country proud. He is a passionate sports person who does not make excuses but makes fruitful results. His practicing videos on Instagram are proofs that how passionate and enthusiastic, Jack Fitzpatrick is. His triumphant basketball career manifests that age is just a number, if you have enough courage and dedication, then no one can stop you from achieving your goals. He made his dreams into reality and became a source of encouragement for those who want their dreams to come true. So, if you discover more about Jack Fitzpatrick then you can follow him on Instagram @jack_fitzpatrick2007.