J-Rock (@abm_jrock)

J-Rock (@abm_jrock)

Music and art have been around for so long, they can be considered to be inherent to basic human nature. It seems like humans just cannot live without making music or art. There is always this inherent desire to make something, big or small, to let others consume it or see it. It is also so interesting that to live also means to create sounds in one way or another; one simply cannot live without interacting with sound – either listening or creating. Music has always been around and has been very important to people which brings great emotional responses, does not matter if its because it is being played or created.

Despite the importance of music in our lives, it is an undoubtedly fact that musicians who are behind the creation of these sounds are greatly underrated and underappreciated. People simply do not think of the hard work, time and effort that goes into the sounds they hear from their phones or other devices whenever they want. Music is used to set moods, we hear it all around us, no matter where we go. Whether it is a bar, lounge, party, mall or any other place, there is music playing to set the ambience yet very little thought is put about the artist behind it who has crafted the piece of work being played.

J Rock is one such musician who spends hours, days and sometimes even weeks perfecting his craft so that he can put out the most perfect version of music he has always wanted to make. For J Rock, the journey to making the music he has always wanted to make has not been smooth or easy in the slightest. The past two years, 2019 and 2020, were both extremely tough on him. A lot of people in his life had passed away including his little cousin. It was an extremely lonely time for him also because he felt like he had no friends or family to confide in. However, this year has been very different for him, he is out of the dark place that he once was and is planning to release new music and make up for the past two years now that he is in a much better place.

J Rock has definitely proved that he is going to make this year his own. In the past few months, he has released so many new music and tracks including his collaboration with D Boi on the track, “Seen It All” and “Trust”, “Voice Mails”, “I Can’t Breathe”, “Kobe Bryant”, “Make It Out”, “Thug Cry” and “Remember Me”. J Rock’s music deals with many different topics and issues including the ones of racism within the United States. He does not shy away from talking about what is important.

J Rock is now a very popular artist in his city who inspires a lot of people including kids who want to grow up to be like him. However, he also considers it very important to never forget his roots, he always makes the effort to feed the homeless and mentor kids. His main goal with his career has always been to make a difference in the world with his music, talent and passion. He also has been working on his own clothing line and has been delving into the world of business through that.

J Rock has always been grateful to his fans, supporters and all the people who continue to listen to his music. Through his Instagram page, he always advises them to never stop working and to never give up on themselves even if the circumstances may be difficult. He also stresses the importance of dreaming because according to him, to dream is to live. One can follow him on his Instagram at the handle @abm_jrock.