J.D.N (@jawellnixon)

Engage, enlighten, encourage and especially just be yourself. Social media is a community effort, and everyone is an asset. JDN is a tik tok star famous because of his particular unique style. He has 30.6k followers on his tik to account. In most of his videos, he used duet tik to feature. He created videos with different artists or creators’ original videos with this feature. He replicates them with his spin-off and creates a reaction, comedy, or parody video. This tik tok feature is used to go viral. Duet video with others could help get more viewers and a position on the main page of viewers. JDN parody and his funky looks over his duet videos are cheery on the icing. JDN is a true entertainer on his own. Follow @jawellnixon on TikTok.

On TikTok, there are a variety of special effects that allow JDNs to produce unique films and be more innovative. One of the TikTok features that allow him to be more entertaining and earn more fans on TikTok is TikTok video Duets. JDN duet on several genres of videos, including daily life hacks, evolved tech, daily science, and others. While someone’s reaction may be humorous to one person, it may be mocking and irritating to another. When used correctly, though, it may help people create unique films and go viral on TikTok. But JDN’s videos always entertain his followers because of his great sense of humor. His style of giving reaction is very vigilant. JDN is also full of acting skills, and this is his most significant achievement in the sense that he discovered what he is good at. Follow JDN on TikTok.

JDN also tends to post magic tricks to boost his following just for the refreshment of his followers. Close-up magicians are some of TikTok’s most famous producers, performing coin, card, and “items vanishing below a silk fabric” feats. These simple tricks help JDN to amuse more of his fans. The more variety you have, the more you entertain. JDN breaks the stereotyping, and his reaction has never been the same in all his videos. He knows how to improvise because improvising gets you in versatility. This is the only reason which differentiates him from other regular TikTokers. JDN’s way of entertaining is fantastic; therefore, he always gets an embrace from his fans. These are the kinds of films where viewers find everything ordinary or strange to be strangely comforting. JDN’s videos like these are pretty popular on TikTok. Follow JDN on TikTok.  

JDN is a massive fan of Rugby. Rugby is his all-time favorite sport. JDN has a strong personality; therefore, his persona depicts him to be a rugby lover. The players don’t wear helmets or protection; instead, they bash each other to death or head off for a drink. JDN also enjoys playing Rugby because it allows him to form friendships with his colleagues. JDN practices Rugby to persuade him that life is a task; he understands that one will suffer but should not moan because he understands that pain, sweat, and tiredness will pass, but there is one thing that will not pass, and that is the joy of having accomplished it. Rugby is another one of those games that demands a high level of skill rather than merely physical power. When you’re on the field, you need to be aware of where each of the other fourteen players is while also being prepared to make a random play. You have to deal with charging opponents, constant action, hitting and being tackled, and all of this at the same time. Follow JDN on TikTok.