Irwin Miller (@irwinopolis)

Irwin Miller (@irwinopolis)

Every child dreams of finding one’s own identity and Irwin Miller was no exception. From a very young age, Miller saw the world from a different light. He wanted to be involved in projects that were thought from outside of the box and wanted to create. He saw that opportunity in the field of design, be it interior design, architecture, filmmaking, photography, or any other. He dipped his feet in almost all and dominated them.

Irwin Miller studied at the Rhode Island School of Design where he earned his bachelor’s degree in fine arts and architecture. During that time, he got to work with a lot of new people belonging to the field and experienced something new in every project he did. So, to continue further on this road, Miller got his master’s degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design. He climbed new heights and became the Principal and Design Director at Gensler, a global design, architecture, and planning firm with over 6,000 professionals spread across America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

Miller has always loved to be involved in projects that are sometimes difficult to describe. His major career interests include lifestyle projects, entertainment, retail, and creative projects. He has worked with a variety of international clients throughout Europe. He has a wide range of clients to the likes of big names including that of Netflix, Disney, Apple computer, Microsoft, Eataly, and many more.

To mark his roots in design, Miller started his own company with the name “Irwin Miller Design Studio, Inc.”. The purpose of this enterprise was to cater services to selected international clients in architecture, design, art, and even filmmaking. Miller became an award-winning designer and artist and a thought leader who worked in the design industry for the past twenty-five years. Miller worked on various architecture and interior design projects including the likes of a Roman House he did in 2020.

One of the biggest and most important projects for Miller was that of the confidential headquarters that he built. He said that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on which he worked for 8+ years and the project turned out to be magnificent. From hundreds and hundreds of design sketches to the smallest of technical details, every detail was accounted for in this building.

Apart from the architecture field, Miller worked on still motion animation a lot. He was approached by a band in Philly called Bel Heir, who asked Millers if he could make a still motion music video for their new single “Light at the end of the tunnel”. Miller agreed to the project and worked almost a year making hundreds of paper puppets and creating various sets to make a 3-minute video. His efforts did not go to waste as he won a bunch of film awards in the months after the release. After then he realized he could get more structure if he worked on 3D puppets rather than 2D ones. He started creating short videos and movies and shared them around. He ended up becoming good at them and started completing projects in a lesser amount of time than before.

If that was not enough, Miller started working on other things as well. He started making sculptures of guitars, fictional machines, animation characters, etc.

Miller worked for a Cat Art Show where he made three sculptures for a cat and called that series “Year of the Cat”. The pieces were displayed in a large fish tank in the center of the space. The three pieces work together to tell the story of a magical New Year’s parade with a nod to the existing architecture of the district and oversized cat-themed floats riding by on the street.