Interview with Eli Plassman (@elithejewelryguy)

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

I’m just a teenager who joined Tik Tok in COVID-19 Pandemic. I uploaded my first video in march 2020. After that, I started to upload videos regularly and wanted to grow more.

Can you share the most interest in what exciting happened to you since you started doing this?

The most exciting thing that’s happened to me since I became an online influencer was getting exposed at work. It makes me grow as a person, giving me good feelings.

Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them thrive and not “burn out”?

Always post what you want to post. Not what you think people are going to like. Please don’t make it all about likes and followers; actually enjoy it and have fun!

None of us can succeed without some help along the way. Is there a person you are grateful for who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story?

One person I am very grateful for is my mother! She supported me through my coming out process and never stopped loving and believing me along the way. She has always been a role model, consistently working to put food on the table for my sisters and me. She did everything she could to give us extraordinary lives!

How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?

I’ve always fought for what I believe in. I believe sharing is caring. If my work gives something to someone, that’s my success too. I always admire people who do this as well.

Do you have a favorite “written Quote”? Can you share a story of how that was relevant to you in your life? 

” You only have one life, so do what makes you happy and don’t care about anybody else’s opinions if they are not constructive. Give your best, and always try to improve yourself.

How can our readers follow you on social media?

Follow me! @elithejewelryguy

Anything specific you’d like to have mentioned in the article?

Yes, I would love to add about my entertaining videos, my passion for video games.