Interview with Avinash Kalra (@avik)

Interview with Avinash Kalra (@avik)

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

Interestingly my game plan was always to pursue music as a full-time career but have a “backup” should music not work out. I studied Media Studies at university because that was my favourite subject and I was doing very well at it but I wasn’t sure what particular industry I wanted to work in. Whilst at university I got obsessed with the MTV show “The Hills” and decided I wanted to pursue a career in fashion PR. After graduating I decided to do a master’s in Luxury Brand Management at a fashion school called Istituto Marangoni. I think took on an internship working for a fashion company and quickly realised that it was not the industry for me. Everyone took themselves far too seriously and the culture around “fashion week” wasn’t particularly healthy. My internship ended, and I spent some time looking for a job without much luck. I then decided to look to companies that I admired instead. I made a list, and MTV happened to be one of them. I decided to take on an internship in their Marketing team, and I ended up getting the role. From then my career skyrocketed to record-breaking TV ratings, award-winning campaigns and social media smash successes. I was able to climb up the corporate ladder receiving four promotions within my six-year tenure working across the Viacom portfolio including MTV, Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. with secondments and consultancy across Channel 5, 5Star, VidCon, Spike & VIVA. I then moved on to Spotify for two years before coming to Paramount, where I’m now working on their streaming services.

Can you share the most interest in what exciting happened to you since you started doing this?

When I was at the European MTV music awards in Milan, Justin Bieber sat directly behind me. I spent most of my time watching him instead of the actual show.

Which tips would you recommend to your colleagues in your industry to help them thrive and not “burn out”?

Find a niche and become an expert in that field. For me, in the early days of my career, this was social media. It then developed into influencer marketing and now it’s experiential marketing.

None of us can succeed without some help along the way. Is there a person you are grateful for who helped get you to where you are? Can you share a story?

I think my Media Studies teacher from school was very inspiring. I also work with a life coach who has changed my life massively.

How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?

Mentoring, coaching, teaching and lecturing are some of my biggest passions and will definitely define the next stage in my career.

Do you have a favourite “written Quote”? Can you share a story of how that was relevant to you in your life?

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

How can our readers follow you on social media?

@AviK – Instagram, @AviMusic – Twitter, @Avi.Kalra – TikTok

Anything specific you’d like to have mentioned in the article?

Avinash Kalra: Brand, Talent & Personal Coaching & Consultant.