Ibrahim Zainal (@zbarho_om)

Ibrahim Zainal (@zbarho_om)

What we consume defines how well we live our lives and a healthy body can take us a long way and can help us enjoy our lives without most of the worries of life and helps us sustain and better not only our physical bodies but also our mental and spiritual bodies. All of this is possible only if we work on creating a healthy lifestyle for ourselves leading to a better quality of life and that is one of the best choices we can make for ourselves for the present and the future.

Ibrahim Zainal is a culinary connoisseur that is the owner of the global health brand and the author of Shaï Gourmet and is everything that you need when it comes to making decisions of what you should be eating and how you should be living life. Being an entrepreneur, he has used his great knowledge of the culinary practices and experience to put out whatever the world needs and is a successful entrepreneur that uses his skill as one of his greatest assets and uses it to spread his knowledge and help others live their lives better.

To spread knowledge about something is considered the best way one can help others in this world and Ibrahim realizes this very well. Being an author of Shaï Gourmet, he has successfully published 3 different books so far that have their unique aspects. These books are named “Shai Gourmet – Love mad Edible”, “Shai Gourmet – Euphoric Death” and “Shai Gourmet – The catastrophe of living”. Each of these books is primarily focused on a better and healthy diet and recipes that have been crafted by Ibrahim himself with great passion and precision to make sure that they enable people to have the best possible experience possible.

Ibrahim believes that the basic stereotype about healthy food being not tasteful needs to be broken as healthy food can taste the best out of everything, if made right and is a delicacy worth having and he says that back by not only his words, but the amazing dishes that he has to offer in his cookbook full of unique tastes and experiences.

A major issue commonly found in cookbooks is the availability of ingredients mentioned and Ibrahim is very well aware of this and has made sure that he includes ingredients that are readily available in your local grocery store and leaves no excuse for you to not get started with them and include them in your diet to match with your workout routines to achieve required goals may they be to lose weight, maintain it or gain muscles in the process without sacrificing on taste when it comes to the food you can consume.

Being someone with a striking, well-groomed, and charismatic personality and great culinary skills makes Ibrahim someone that is often seen on TV screens or heard through radios as he shares his great knowledge and gives people a comfortable place to hang out and benefit from him.

On his social media, Ibrahim shares mouth-watering food crafted by himself and processes of how things are done in the kitchen to make sure that all of his followers can enjoy the beauty of cooking alongside him without missing out. All of these amazing edibles come directly from his cookbook and can be in your hands if you purchase them and are provoking and worth it.

Apart from what goes in the body, how we manage our body is also a great aspect of staying fit and that is why Ibrahim is often seen indulging in activities such as a good exercise session to make sure that his body is in the best form and also to refine his body to be no less than the best-looking in the whole crowd.

Shaï Gourmet is also focused on creating different oils of a great quality suitable for different tasks and has introduced the Shaïi Gourmet Prickly Peas Oil and the Shaï Gourmet Elixir that have been a great success.

To follow Ibrahim on his great ventures and to find out more about Shaï Gourmet, you can follow him on his Instagram @zbarho_om and his website www.shaigourmet.com.