Ibrahim Ozturk (@I_officiall)

Ibrahim Ozturk (@I_officiall)

Social media has opened doors for all kinds of people wit all kinds of passions, talents, and possessions to exhibit it to any number of people who want to appreciate it. However, with the kind of intoxicating validation comes from social media, there is a tough standard to maintain in terms of the frequency with which you post content, the kind of content you are uploading, whether it aligns with what supporters would want to see. On top of that, making sure it does not offend anyone or seem insensitive, all fall under the responsibilities content creators and influencers have to be sure of. To most people, this kind of pressure would be enough to crumble them, but not for Ibrahim Ozturk.

This young, handsome man, originally from Turkey but hopping between London, Cyprus and his hometown, has handled the responsibilities that come with operating a social media account with unimaginable flair. Refusing to bind himself into one category, Ozturk insists on creating all kinds of content since opening up his accounts on multiple social networking platforms, namely Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. What is most commendable, aside from the dedication it takes to run that many platforms with eager followers waiting on every post, is the fact that he has already amassed close to 25,000 followers on Instagram, an impressive number that is nothing to scoff at considering the short time that has elapsed since the inception of his accounts.

As soon as you land on his Instagram account, you are graced with a grid of photos that, when seen on the main screen, combine to make up one big picture of him expertly posing in front of what is known to be the Dolmabahce Palace in his hometown of Istanbul. Before mentioning the confidence that is surely required to post such large-scale images of oneself, we felt it necessary to chime in that the locations of his photographs are as eye-catching as Ozturk is, venues fit for a man of his beauty.

While it comes to no surprise that he loves posting pictures of himself, his vanity lands well within reasons, considering his model-like physique. Ozturk certainly is not shy in posting pictures that show off his well-maintained body, such as the post gym picture he posted sporting a sleeveless top, and one other shot that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Knowing he has the time to look after his health only adds to his qualities.

Ozturk is not one to shy away from a good party with his friends, as can be seen in his group photographs with his friends as he parties it up while dressed to the nines. Scrolling through his account also tells us that he is daring and not at all afraid of taking risks that involve his appearance and style. Often seen sporting branded clothes (we think Armani is his favorite), he has also tried various hairstyles such as buzz cuts, fades and even a bold platinum hair dye! Leather jackets and spiffy shoes are nothing out of the ordinary for him, and we’re sure none of him almost 25,000 followers mind that!

The list doesn’t end with just his sense of style and looks, but his awareness and intelligence. Over on his twitter, Ozturk manages a completely different side of his personality. Hailing from a country frequently embroiled in political unrest, he is very active and vocal about politics and world relations, something you would not guess when you’re on his Instagram. Stunning photos, mirror selfies, travel and fashion inspiration for all the guys out there, and an intelligent side? Head on over to Instagram and follow Ozturk @I_officiall or Twitter @I_officialll (or both) to keep up with him.