Henry Aaron Westbrooks

Henry Aaron Westbrooks

In the early stages of running one’s own business, the process of building yourself from the ground up can be intimidating and indefinite to the say the least. This fear of failure and the lack of surety is natural and is felt by virtually everyone in the field of entrepreneurship and making a name for yourself, but when you know your ropes and rack up the skills required to always play your cards right, the edge of working in such a cut-throat industry is almost always taken off. Along with business being so risky, it is often times very demotivating and demoralizing seeing your business not work, especially if you are very idealistic or hopeful, so these fields require a sone-wall defense and the requirement for a potential business owner to know that things don’t come easy and they have to be worked on despite numerous ups and downs.

Henry Aaron Westbrooks, a licensed realtor currently based on Southern California, welcomed the world of hard work and unsure success with open arms and zero fear. In this day and age, businesses and companies take the plunge at any time because of the insane amounts of competition, but that didn’t faze Westbrooks in the slightest, rather it made him stronger and all the more confident. Along with being driven, Westbrooks is also ambitious and extremely intelligent. Knowing his abilities didn’t stop at generating money in real estate, Westbrooks dipped his feet in multiple fields butt hen ended up going for a swim considering he was never able to step out of that theoretical water.

After helping innumerable clients on Southwest Florida sell their properties for the best value, and others buy at unmatched rates, Westbrooks added another notch to his belt by starting his own digital media agency in 2016 called iGrow Club. With his ample knowledge on marketing and sales, he had just the right attitude to collect clients, build n exemplary relationship with them and giving results that benefitted them and his company. With his added ability of being able to pitch products whilst increasing their value and leaving people incapable of not being interested, Westbrooks is one of the most all-rounded people in the industry.

As of late 2020, Westbrooks has been working at a solar energy company called Apricot Solar as an energy specialist. There, he has helped the company make millions with his consultancy skills and immense knowledge. Claiming to be able to create business virtually “out of thin air”, we have no doubt that Westbrooks is able to churn every bit of knowledge and experience he has gathered and use it to bring impressive results for anyone he works with.

If you thought Westbrooks’ talent stopped there, we’d ask you to think again. As impressive yet shocking as it is that Westbrooks has created his empire at the fresh age of 26, he is one of the humblest and kind people around. At 26, with so much knowledge, success, and validation around him, Westbrooks has made it his mission to help spread positivity through the podcast he founded on Spotify and iTunes. The podcast (@health.wealth.show) gives him the means to talk about health, love, wealth, and happiness as he sits with guests sometimes to talk about their journeys to success, better health, etc.

Starting from a bachelor’s degree in Communication, Westbrooks reached new heights with his sheer desire to make it big with hard work and resilience. Growing up in an environment that substituted luxury for blessings and a positive atmosphere Westbrooks has always been acquainted with the idea that nothing comes without hard work and patience, and he has fueled and propelled himself into business to become proof of that fact. He is appreciative of the smaller things in life and his grounded and humble background, along with his keen interest in learning and experiencing since he was a child has been the driving force of his journey to new heights.

To learn more about Westbrooks’ ventures and mission to spread positivity, follow him on Instagram @hencyaaronwestbrooks!