HempHera Kosmetikos

HempHera Kosmetikos

Starting a business based around completely new and never-done before ideas is not only a risky move but also requires a level of dedication not found in everyone. Ashley Osborne seems to be a person who fits the bill: she is passionate about skincare and also motivated to share her expertise and experience with the rest of the world. She started HempHera Kosmetics in 2019 and since then it has been an upward journey, from increasing demand on a daily basis to constantly widening their range of products. HempHera also has its own Instagram account, under the username “hempherako,” which boasts an impressive following of around six thousand followers.

HempHera Kosmetics is quite a unique skincare line, in terms of their brand image and the products they offer. While most of the cosmetic industry is about making you look a certain way and also changing your features to look that way, HempHera functions in a different manner. They believe in the natural beauty of women and thus, their products are focused on bringing this natural beauty out in to the world and making women feel like themselves, rather than trying to be someone they are not. HempHera uses organic hemp in its products, which is not a very common ingredient used in skincare products but through research, is shown to be extremely beneficial. Thus, HempHera is revolutionary in both its brand image and in the ingredients they use.

HempHera is a female founded company and was launched in 2019 in Miami by Ashley Osborne. She is also the owner of another business, Royale Highness Dispensary, which offers a range of cannabis-based products and accessories. Thus, Ashley has quite a lot of study and practice in this field, with an Associates in Applied Sciences and also a Masters Certification in Cannabis and Terpenes. The need to start a skincare business came when Ashley worked as a National Account Manager for a high end cosmetics retail shop. Working at this job led to her becoming enamored by the health and beauty industry and pushed her to start something her on her own. Her two main goals for her business were to one, create skincare products that bring out a woman’s natural beauty and two, make sure the products are not expensive but instead, affordable for all women. Thus, through this new business, Ashley brought together her experience in both the Cannabis and Cosmetic Industry. HempHera was born and from the beginning, Ashley was clear on conveying her goals for the business and it’s quite evident that she has managed to see them through and make her business a successful and innovative one.

HempHera Kosmetics offers an exceptional range of skincare products, which includes cleansers, toners, lotions, and moisturizers. The best thing about HempHera products is that are cruelty-free and also lab and third party tested. What makes them even more special is that they are hand-made and according to Ashley, the business operates “100% Farm to Table.” Thus, a lot of effort has gone in to the planning and selling of HempHera products. The highest quality ingredients are used while ensuring the products are also affordable for all people. The products are also natural and Phyto Based, thus safe for different kinds of skin types, especially mature and troubled skin.

HempHera is quite a unique business and it is evident that a lot of hard work and planning went into it. However, its growing success is no surprise as Ashley is a highly knowledgeable person, who managed to bring together her expertise in two businesses and create something entirely new from it. HempHera’s ideology that women should feel like goddesses in their own skin is original and authentic, making it even more obvious why so many women choose HempHera products over those of other businesses. The brand is unique, relatable and affordable, and thus, it seems there will be no end to HempHera’s growth.