Hasan Saqer

Hasan Saqer

Not many people in this world are fortunate enough to be multitalented. This quality is very rare in today’s population. Only a rare percentage of people are blessed with the expertise and skills to do so. Such is the case with Hasan Saqer Khamis, the young Bahraini individual who has been involved in acting, directing and television presenting. He is the living proof of the statement that with hard work and determination, dreams turn in to reality.

One wouldn’t think that a small child from Bahrain would one day sweep numerous awards for films, theatre and television productions. His work has surpassed the scope of Bahrain and now the young man is famous in other countries such as UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and even Britain. 

From an early age, Hasan knew the importance of a good education and how it can be a bridge to making his dreams into reality. Back home in Bahrain, Hasan Saqer excelled in his studies and graduated with flying colours in his school days. His hard work and determination led to him being awarded a highly prestigious university scholarship in the year 2006. This award was a stepping stone to his career in the world of movies, films and cinemas. His journey to higher education led to him being moving to Qatar, where he currently resides.

It can be argued that Saqer is a natural at acting and other arts. He has never formally received education for theatre arts in a specialized institution. His skills and expertise are a gift that only a few possess. His acting skill was caught by a director on his school campus, whose attention was caught by Saqer’s talent. This happened when Hasan performed and participated in a theatrical show on campus and the director knew that he was made to be on stage and light up people’s lives with his performances.

The director was completely correct about Hasan Saqer’s talent in the world of performing arts. Today, Hasan is considered one of the most renowned names in the world of acting and presenting. He has over 30 amazing movies in his portfolio including famous movies such as Al-Jawhara, Al-Masoor, and the dream. Moreover, he also is the face of a television show which is featured on the widely known channel, Al Jazeera. 

It may come as a surprise to most, but Hasan Saqer was not always involved in the world of acting. Rather, he leapt at his career as a school teacher. This proves that he, as an individual, is very versatile. 

Hasan Saqer has been consistently praised by critics for especially absorbing into his character and bringing a regular character in the script and putting him into life with his acting. He has played a wide range of characters ranging from simple ones such as a taxi driver, a middle-class man to the highest ranks of the king of an emperor. Once Hasan Saqer has been handed his script, he takes it on his duty to revive his character using his specialized skills and expertise which causes the audience to swoon over his skills. 

One of the greatest examples is his film “The Dream”. His work in this movie impressed the director a lot. Faisal Al-Duwasian, the Kuwaiti movie director, fell in love with Hasan Sawer’s acting and how he carries himself in the movies. This opinion was shared by critics from all over the world since this movie became an overnight success and received praise from people all over the world. The movie was even awarded the Audience Award in Southampton, Britain in the year 2014.

However, this was not the only award that Hasan Saqer was graced with. His piece, “Al Jawhara”, received the Special Jury Prize in 2016 at the Ajyal Film Festival in Qatar. Moreover, he was also deemed worthy of the 2013 Abu Dhabi film festival award for short films. 

Hasan has always been versatile, and this translated into his career when he took the route to join voiceover and voice acting. Hasan Saqer was scouted for his talent whilst he was handling a voiceover assignment with his students. His voice was deemed pitch-perfect for voice acting, and since this discovery, he has been working in commercials, documentary and cartoon projects. He has also broadened his horizons and has been working with international brands such as Walt Disney, Ooredoo Telecoms and Qapco petroleum.

The sky is the limit for Hasan. Currently, he hopes to work with other media productions over the middle east and Britain. He hopes that in the future he can make appearances in the western movie scene, especially in Hollywood or the British movie industry. 

His adventures and updates can be followed on his Instagram account @hasan_saqer. His popularity and content have led to him accumulating over 163,000 followers on the social media platform. He can also be found on YouTube at Hasan Saqer where he has over 3,000 followers. The journey has only begun for the young public figure and the future looks very bright for him.