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The hand is perhaps the third most essential element of the human body after the heart, which propels us forward, and the brain directs us. Hand Therapy Academy is the ideal place to improve the performance and look of your hands. The numerous therapies and rehabilitation approaches used to assist patients in restoring as much hand use as possible are taught to its 27.7k Instagram(@handtherapyacademy) followers. Learn everything about treatment procedures, diagnostics, surgical wounds, and more here. You’ll also discover information on starting a career as a hand therapist. Here, you will find exciting training videos, step-by-step guidelines, blogs on everything, and many more! Injuries to your arms and hands might prevent you from working and enjoying a pain-free life. Participating in society might be challenging if you don’t know how to use your hands. So, if you want the most excellent hand therapy advice, go to Hand Therapy Academy.

Miranda and Josh founded Hand Therapy Academy. They met while working in the Southwest United States’ largest high-volume hand surgeon’s clinic. They learned a lot from the therapists who assisted them as they started. Hand Therapy Academy allows Miranda and Josh to give something back to the community. They take pleasure in assisting patients with a wide range of conditions. They want to post content daily and cover a wide range of themes. If there’s something special you’d like them to cover, send them a message through their contact page. Miranda and Josh are looking forward to hearing from you! They enjoy hand treatment because it is never dull, and there is always something new to learn! To learn more about Hand Therapy Academy, follow them.

Hand Therapy Academy thinks that the most effective approach to improving people’s lives is via education. They combine cutting-edge technology with effective teaching to improve healthcare quality worldwide. Hand Therapy Academy is dedicated to making hand therapy education enjoyable, helpful, and customised. In a straightforward and engaging online format, learn the ins and outs of hand treatment. Whether you’re a therapist trying to give your patients the highest quality or studying for the CHT test, their online format provides everything you need to succeed. (And you’ll have a good time doing it!) Follow Hand Therapy Academy to learn quickly and without stumbling blocks.

Learning new treatment skills may be intimidating. Hand Therapy Academy was established as a fun and engaging platform to help therapists with this load. The site is easy to use and browse, allowing you to locate what you’re looking for. There will be no dull lectures here! Only the most up-to-date material is given so that you will get a lot of knowledge (and have a little fun along the way). Subscribe to their courses. This will allows you to spend less time watching lengthy and tedious hand treatment educational films. See for yourself by watching the sample video on their page. Follow Hand Therapy Academy on Instagram for weekly hand treatment information and mini-lessons.

Are you looking for information about treatment action or current research on the causes of ulnar wrist pain? Do you need a tried-and-true study strategy to ace the CHT? We’ve got your back! You’ll have access to a one-stop-shop of information ranging from knowledge on the business of hand therapy and treatment protocols if you subscribe to their Pro or CHT Prep Plans. As a Pro or CHT Prep subscriber, you’ll be invited to join their exclusive therapist club. Hand Therapy Academy seeks to equip you with the information you need to transform your profession, from Functional Kits to regularly updated training materials. To enhance your career as a professional hand therapist, follow Hand Therapy Academy.