Hamid Mohammed (@itismh)

Hamid Mohammed (@itismh)

Considering music as an extremely important aspect of his life, Mohammed grew up dreaming of becoming an artist. Mohammed always loved to listen to various kinds of music since his childhood. Mohammed basically belongs to Chad, where he spent very little time with his parents. Soon he moved to Canada where he pursued to take a keen interest in music. Mohammed started exploring more about music and its various types. He took extra interest in the R and B genre of music that is also known as Rhythm and Blues. R and B music is a popular genre of music all over the world that is originated in African American communities back in the 19th century. Since Mohammed is also an African-born artist, his interest in R & B music is an obvious fact.

In his teenage, Mohammed also known as M H in the world of the music industry started practicing writing several lyrics. In a very shorter span of time, this Chadian teen got expertise in writing as perfectly as any other professional lyrics writer. Mohammed grew up working really hard in order to achieve his childhood dream of becoming one of the leading R & B voices in the whole world. After several years of endless efforts and consistency towards chasing his dreams, Mohammed has finally got recognition as an R & B songwriter and singer in the Canadian music industry.

M H has launched several R & B songs by now. Some of his hits include songs such as “Vissna Rosor”, “My Moment”, “Wave”, “Alone” and Cameroun vue (feat. Sultan Oshiminh). “I think of myself as a young prince from a long line of royalty” mentions Mohammed who believes in trusting yourself and your talent. Achieving his dreams at a very young age, Mohammed spreads a message of positivity and encouragement. He keeps on giving his fans advice on fulfilling their passion without wasting any time. Mohammed is one of the fresh talents in the town whose work has been recognized recently by many media services such as Spotify has verified Mohammed’s work and has recognized him as a genuine music artist which has helped Mohammed in spreading his art all around the world. Being a solo artist, it is a great achievement for a young artist to make his mark in the music industry through his talent and art.

Being an ordinary person, Mohammed is a very sensitive soul who has devoted all his love and attention to the art of music. He is ambitious in making the best R & B music for all those people who love the Rhythm and loves the Blues.

Remembering his journey towards becoming a successful artist Mohammed says “No matter how hard you try, you cannot change another person’s character. Similarly, if you behave badly and develop a poor reputation, it’s difficult to change other people’s opinions of you, regardless of how many good deeds you perform”. Mohammed has always chosen to be honest and true in writing lyrics of his songs which is why he has got a huge fan following who not only love his music but also respect him intensely. In spite of being a shining star, Mohammed always stays humble and spends quality time with his fans and tries not to ignore them, and never hurt their emotions. He is often seen taking pictures with his fans and enjoying. Mohammed thinks that an artist can never request respect but respect and love are always earned by your actions and deeds, therefore, he believes that in order to get love and respect you must always acknowledge the love of others particularly your fans.