Hamad Al Tamimi (@hamadatamimi)

Hamad Al Tamimi (@hamadatamimi)

As humans, we are unraveled to great things every coming day and there is no limit to how much we can explore and perceive from this world. Knowing the possibility, many of us set out to see the world for ourselves and to not just see, but observe and not just stand there, inherit and explore for ourselves to satisfy our curiosity and explore beyond any constraints. This fulfillment of our desire to explore new lands and new domains is what drives us to set out and find something new every single day and is how we broaden our minds.

As much as exposure broadens our mind, it is also a great carrier of opportunity that greatly influences one’s choices to travel at this age. This is possible because of the diversity we observe around the world that not only differentiates the vast countries but also unifies them through culture and possibilities. Foreign knowledge is often sought after as they offer more and better facilities and knowledge to enable one for a better future that may be better than what they could’ve received at home or in comfort. There is no better way to learn than to set out and find knowledge throughout different lands around the world.

With great exposure to the world, a lot of insight, and the mind of an intellectual, Hamad Al Tamimi is an 18-year-old with capabilities much surpassing his age. Though belonging to Qatar, he’s had the opportunity to live in more than four different countries. These countries include Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, The United Kingdom, and the United States of America and with all of that experience and exposure, he stands out greatly from the rest. Hamad is currently pursuing his studies at the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom and is studying Government and Politics. Before joining the University of Edinburgh, he completed his studies at CATS Education Canterbury where he received the “Exceptional Achievement in International Relations” in June 2020. Hamad is skillful and generously knowledgeable in International Relations, Political Sciences, and Security.

Doing something that we love is a dream most of us have and we all have something that we not only know but have developed through years of interest and influence and so is the case with Hamad. Making sure that he pursues what he loves, Hamad actively follows the different ministries of Qatar, showing great interest and hence allowing him to be up to date with national and international affairs. With such an interest, he is constantly interested in what’s happening around the world and makes sure that he’s well aware while being analytical.

Being from Qatar but having also lived in multiple other countries, Hamad knows how to communicate using Arabic and English both.

Apart from International affairs, he finds himself captivated by the innovation of all the growing technologies. This captivation is not only limited to technology but also reaches the sky, building his interest in aviation.

Just like a lot of passionate people out there, Hamad is also someone that loves football and even has the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 logo on his Twitter as it not only represents his love for football itself, but also the fact that it is being held in his home country, Qatar.

With the great opportunities traveling brings, there are also great sights to see and great experiences to be had and Hamad makes sure that no matter where he is, he’s having a good time and connecting with the place and is seen posting mesmerizing pictures on his Instagram of great sceneries and phenomenon such as the northern light connecting him with nature and great skyscrapers showing just how beautiful our cities have become throughout these years.

You can follow Hammad Al Tamimi on Instagram @hamadatamimi and can find him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Hamad0210, Twitter at https://twitter.com/hamad0210.