Hailey Beauty Official

Hailey Beauty Official

“I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” ― Tyra Banks

Who doesn’t love good makeup that can enhance your beauty? And a makeup that lets your natural beauty and your natural complexion shine, what’s better than that? Every woman wants to feel and look beautiful, regardless the age. A woman all her life searches for tips, DIYs and a good quality makeup to enhance the beauty she already possesses. A good quality makeup always makes a woman sparkle. One such brand, with its high quality make up, is winning the hearts of millions of women worldwide. Hailey Beauty have proved their worth and hype by providing make up of amazing quality to the women all across the globe.

Hailey beauty is an e-commerce cosmetic company launched in 2019. This company, from the past year and a half, has launched unique products in the beauty market. Their Rebelle foundation is one of a kind foundation that fits all skin types and tones. After their success as being an e-commerce business company, they have decided to launch their company in retail in the GCC i.e. Gulf Cooperation Council or the Gulf countries, the US and the Europe. Their company’s objective is to high-end quality products for women who are looking for innovative and modern makeup.

Hailey Beauty apart from owning their website have got their own instagram account as well where you can stay updated with their upcoming product launches. Currently Hailey Beauty makeup line includes their very famous and bestseller foundation by the name of “rebelle”. Apart from that they have a mattifying powder, their fixing spray, their very own Kabuki makeup brush, makeup sponges and makeup removers. They sell these products separately and in money saving bundles and sets as well.

The most talked about, loved and adored cosmetic that the Hailey Beauty makeup line has created is their Rebelle Foundation. It is the first foundation which has only one shade that is adaptable to all the skin tones that exist in this world. It can be crowned as a revolutionary foundation with a complete solution for a woman’s skin. Its fluid, fresh and light formula offers adjustable coverage and remarkable hold for an invisible result on the skin. Enriched with hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic active ingredients, Rebelle protects, moisturizes and sublimates the complexion naturally.

The best things about this foundation that makes it the best of the best are that it is suited for all the skin types and skin tones, it has a modular cover, it can stay on your skin for 24 hours, it is non-comedogenic, it contains SPF 15 protection and it is not tested on any animal i.e. it is cruelty-free.

Hailey Beauty, currently, have about more than 300k satisfied customers from all across the globe. Their products are not tested on animals and therefore are cruelty free. Their online payment method is very secure. They accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards as well as payments.

Hailey beauty has got the order tracking service on their website as well. They send emails to the customers regarding the details of their order tracking. The conceptualization and manufacturing of Hailey Beauty take place in Paris in the 15th arrondissement where the famous Hailey Beauty foundation can be imagined. In the constant search for perfection, it is in their laboratories that the experts have looked at the innovation of an ideal formula for all the women of the world. Hailey Beauty cosmetics line is the culmination of a dream that has now become a reality. Their growth and expansion plans for 2022 are to be distributed worldwide through their strategic partners such as Sephora, Galerie Lafayette, and Walmart. An Instagram certification will help them get the additional credibility needed to reach such goals.

The Hailey Beauty makeup company have set their mark of success in the makeup industry and is adored by many women from local to famous models, actresses and other well-known personalities as well.