Grind Gand Frankie Isis

 Grind Gand Frankie Isis (@ggfi4637)

Music has always been one of the most expressive forms of art for the person producing it to those listening to it. There are more than 50 genres of music out there including rap music that started back in the 1970s at block parties in New York City. Rap style music made its way to people’s hearts instantly and spread like wildfire in hippie culture especially. Being a form of art that is highly expressive, Rap has been used in many forms which vary from rapper to rapper.

Music is said to hold great power and Grind Gang Frankie Isis going by the name GGFI is also one of those artists that got inspired by the unique way of expression that rap music holds and this brought him comfort and got him motivated all over again through the tough times in his life. This power that he experienced firsthand is what inspired him to generate similar content naturally to bring more goodness to the world and promoted expressing feelings through songs that would otherwise not be discussed.

Frankie Isis joined the 4637 Grind Gang with the message of “Grind or die starving” with three main members including Luey Hussein, Frankie Isis, and Chiino BinLaden alongside 4 more junior artists in the group known as K O T A, D.W.N.Jay, AllStar Tae, & Didi Winnin making the team stronger supporting each other.

Frankie believes in always staying motivated in life no matter what life brings. He is ready to take challenges and stay focused on the goals that he has set for himself. He talks about dealing with issues throughout his life such as losing his mother and grandmother in the same week last year which was a heartbreaking point in his life but knowing that giving up was not an option, he overcame all the obstacles thrown at him with a positive attitude. Fans often see him talk about them and send them prayers and good wishes on their birthdays which makes them respect him more for being vulnerable to people that love him.

GGFI did not compromise on his studies through his journey in the music industry which shows the discipline in his life and curiosity of different fields. He did his bachelor’s in engineering, business management, marketing, and related support services from Full Sail University during 2010-2014. He is also working as a tattoo artist at “Black Dutchess Tattoos” which is also another way to show off his creative mind.

A good sense of humor changes a lot about a man and he is next to none and loved by his audience for his sense of humor that makes their day better. Apart from the amazing music, he releases he was also seen joking about different things such as people’s reaction to people hearing his name for the first time thinking that he is a terrorist on an Instagram post.

According to Frankie, ‘The grind is the way to succeed in life and he conveys that to the people that listen to him as he truly believes it. Being the CEO of GODS.x.BIR , GGRECORD5 , 2MM.Ent, SkylineOD Frankie Isis is known to be simultaneously working on multiple things at a time and giving them individual attention which is not a piece of cake. Despite all of that, he manages all his productions very keenly. For him, consistency and hard work are never wasted so he keeps pushing himself.

His consistency shines through his captivating songs such as the latest single he dropped called “Emotionally Scared”,  “Lost Control” at the start of this year, “Hell on Earth” in august last year. All that he works hard on comes out to be a masterpiece on its own making his fans excited for the next to come. His following is increasing rapidly and has reached 80.2k on Instagram with supportive people who are indulged by his talent.

GGFI can easily be found on Instagram @ggfi4637 and all his other accounts are linked in highlights making it easier to reach him on different platforms.