Graham Nancarrow

Graham Nancarrow

Music is the essence of the soul. For some, it’s a way to express how they feel, deliver their life, relate with others whereas, for others; it’s the power that drives them to do more, explore more, stay motivated, and continue to keep growing and enjoying life. One thing is for certain, Good music makes you want to stand up and acknowledge it, appreciate it, and love it all by itself by only existing. We often find ourselves sitting somewhere and get drifted away by the sound of music because it just hits us so hard, so deep that we cannot escape the capsule it’s put us into.

It’s crazy how music has so much power. It can make a person having the worst time of their lives to jumping and jamming or the latter in the matter of a few seconds. With that much power in the gist of a few beats, music is like a vortex that sucks people in itself. Graham Nancarrow is one of those fascinated by the great power that music holds and is a very talented musician based in Nashville, Tennessee who, with his great friends, makes sure that he takes creativity to the extreme limits and produce songs with lyrics that touch the souls of the listeners and beats that liven up their spirits and make them want to get up and have the best time of their lives.

Like many others, Graham has been impacted by music since a very young age. This can be confirmed by one of the old diaries that he posted about, with him mentioning his dream of growing up to be a singer while emphasizing how much he loves music and would love if it was his job when he grows up and features that in his song “Fun”.

Graham is often found with his guitar and his band singing away and living his life to the fullest in front of a lot of people as he indulges himself in his music and takes them along his journey.

Talking about living his life to the fullest, Graham makes sure that he leaves no room to enjoy life and is often seen having the time of his life, partying out and enjoying life how it should be enjoyed and lived. Apart from singing, Graham is found to be indulged in multiple different activities throughout his life such as riding the waves with his surfboard at the beach, having a good time in a pool, and hanging out with his friends on new adventures.

Among the different amazing songs produced by Graham with his band @officialgdsaints, there are many masterpieces such as “You’re The Reason I Drink” and “I Understand (I will never Understand)” that he wrote with @iamfister and John Bohlinger that turned out to be flawless.

With the power of great country music, Graham aims to make every single one of his performances one of the most memorable and fun times for everyone that is there and awaken the country life inside them and get them blooming into a happier, fun time, dancing and enjoying life.

Nature often connects you to more than you can imagine. Little interactions can lead to experiences you can only wish for and situations that you wouldn’t normally expect and bonds that you can never forget. Graham is often seen interacting with nature, strolling through the land, Fishing, and surfing his way through the waves and around different animals like Django, his dog that is mostly populating his Instagram feed for all the right reasons.

Fashion seems to be one of the things Graham makes sure that he has zero compromises on. Scrolling through his Instagram feed, you can observe his bizarre and unique style where he makes sure that he is the center of attention wherever he goes and looks amazing.

Graham Nancarrow can be followed on Instagram @grahamnancarrow where he posts all about his life, his music, and stories about himself and his friends along his journey.