Gold Girl (goldgirlofficial)

Gold Girl (goldgirlofficial)

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. –Aristotle. Whenever the word art is used, the first thing that comes to the mind is colors, palettes, pictures and drawings. But in reality art is defined as any creative skill. Whether it is music, drama, paintings, sketches, drawing, poetry etc. everything that involves human imagination, observation and creativeness comes under the category of art. Nature is art. Music is art. Drama is art. The words of your heart, mind and soul as a poetry is art. The Gold Girl, Axel Lindy, who possesses all these qualities can definitely be crowned as an amazing artist.

Gold Girl, Axel Lindy, himself defined art and music by saying “The music and the art are about a greater kind of potentiality, and the different pieces just reflect one another. I’ll talk about one or two of the pieces. Warhol held up a mirror to America and made people see it anew. I want to give the American Dream back to the people so that they can see it anew. Moreover, I am interested in what happens when I take someone’s dream, especially one that has come true, and I give it back to them.”

The gold girl, Axel Lindy, is a New York based Electronic Music Artist and a Music Producer. Being a big name in his twenties he has shown remarkable music and art skills in his work.  He focuses on subverting the rules of the genre, incorporating special effects, sound design and non- traditional track structures into his work. Gold girl currently embraces a new side of electronic music. He works in a myriad of different styles to create his unique sound. 

Gold Girl, Axel Lindy, has currently recorded two albums. The first album that he worked on was called “The Realm of the Hungry Ghosts”. He recorded this album in the year 2015. He worked alongside a musician named Mathew Devin Patrick (Formerly signed to DGC as a member of the band The Mummy Heads). The two spent a year working and recording the collection of songs. After the album was finished, Axel Lindy went on to pursue a career in the music industry as a solo recording artist.

The second Album that Axel Lindy recorded is where he gets his name “Gold Girl” from, as the second Album was called Gold Girl. The second record, Gold Girl, was produced and recorded by the artist in Brooklyn, New York, and Montreal, Quebec. Gold Girl was released on May 30th 2019. The music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other online platforms. The record is an introductory collection of tracks Axel Lindy has put together over the last ten years (with the last seven years dedicated specifically to forming the album and music concept). It is his attempt to preserve aspects of the golden age of electronic music (2007-2010) while hoping to instill new ideas within the culture and within the genre.

Being a passionate artist, Gold Girl never fails to disappoint his audiences during concerts as he plays a lot of music during shows that he has not even compiled in his Albums. This creates an element of surprise for the fans as they get to know that there is more to Axel Lindy’s music than he shows in his Albums. The music and the art are a reflection of Lindy’s philosophical perspective that we are all creators and are here to manifest and create our realities at their fullest fruition as we see fit.

Apart from showing impeccable skills and creativeness in his music, Gold Girl, Axel Lindy, has a keen interest in digital art as well. He creates and sells beautiful digital art, desktop wallpapers and a collection of songs, which he has not yet released or won’t ever release, inside the custom designed USBs. All the beauty that he creates from music to aesthetic digital art is displayed on his website for his fans to buy.