Giulia (@giuliatosi)

Giulia (@giuliatosi)

There is a common stereotype that people can either be attractive or intelligent and not both, but Giulia on Instagram is a perfect example of beauty with a brain under 14k followers on Instagram. She is an influencer from Milan, Italy, on Instagram (@giuliatosi) who talks about fashion, food, vacations, etc. She has a great sense of dress, and she inspires or transforms others’ also helps in the understanding of dressing, helping her followers to groom and change their personality by looking good. She believes that everyone has the right to look good and you should dress up every day like it’s your birthday, and if you’re a person who wants to look badass like her, you can follow Giulia on Instagram for more content.

She is a foodie, as seen from his Instagram posts. For her, food is more than just something people consume when hungry. Food is awe-inspiring, tasty, innovative, colourful, inspirational, and more. A shared love of food may bring people together and make even the saddest guy look happier. Giulia enjoys eating different kinds of food, and I believe you should. Eating excellent food gives you joy till you die. Food is a primary joy in her life, and it is not anything she should give up. So, if you’re a foodie, you should follow (@giuliatosi)

In addition to being a foodie, she is a fitness freak. She loves to eat and tries her best to try every restaurant in town but works out or goes to the gym, especially for a morning walk to get herself in shape. Her active lifestyle and perfectly sculpted body with 15 percent body fat force her to wake up an extra hour early and push herself. She also tags friends in her photos and comments and saves them for motivation and inspiration to kick start her health and fitness regime for the 100th time. She learned several benefits of a workout, which pulled her towards getting started with it. However, it took some time to be there, but she never gave up on that and kept herself motivated toward what she was doing. If you are someone aspiring to start working out, then you must follow Giulia-a fitness enthusiast.

Your friend circle has often been proved to assist in managing sadness, anxiety, and rage. Giulia is an extrovert. This helps her to keep a huge friend circle. As a human, your surrounding helps you to feel stronger and more peaceful, which can be valuable in many formats. She likes socializing with her girls. She loves to travel and go with her friends on trips, which gives her a beautiful opportunity to spend moments with her dear ones. There are a variety of beautiful motivations, from breathtaking moments, from brilliant flowers to squawking birds that push her out of his comfort zone. So don’t pass on learning more about this fascinating women’s way of life. Take an immediate step now, and don’t wait a moment to follow Giulia.

Shopping has become a happy experience that we will seldom want to forego. Giulia is a shopaholic, and shopping is her hobby after cooking and cleaning. She wants to be in the pop culture portrayal as a fashion influencer, giving her best in it. Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can surely get you started on fashion. Shopping has almost become an art, and not everyone has the talent to buy the right things. If you are always on the hunt for new fashion trends, you should follow this talented lady on Instagram.