Gina Corso, Jersey Gina Entertainment

Gina Corso, Jersey Gina Entertainment

Everyone can benefit from music as a form of therapy. No one can deny the fact that it is the sound of musical instruments that imbues the lyrics with soul and provides the listener with melody. Musicians put their hearts and souls into creating background music that suits the singer’s emotions and the tone of the words. Gina, a professional violinist, pianist and instructor, is one of these deft pros. She lives in Franklin Township, Franklin, NJ, USA. She has been playing piano and violin for the past four and a half years and has taught music to hundreds of students.

She says professional violinists have a physical connection to the violin that allows them to control the sound continually using advanced bowing techniques and delicate hand motions. Violin instructors place a high value on right-hand techniques since they are difficult, time-consuming, and need a lot of practice. To study these musical instruments, one must devote quality time, concentration, focus, and commitment. It takes more than simply a keen interest in the violin to become a skilled violinist. Learning the violin necessitates hours of continuous practice, a variety of pedagogical exercises, present-mindedness, and a connection to sound-based qualities.

Gina has performed at West Chester Kildare’s Irish Pub, The reeds at Shelter Haven, Spiaggetta Restaurant, Thereedssh, and Nicky D’s Co among many other studios, restaurants, hotels, clubs, and pubs. She has also performed at weddings held at various settings such as the Union Trust Ballroom and the Fairmount Water Works. Her playlist subsumes Cage the Elephant – 2020 Grammy™ which was the Winner for Best Rock Album of the Year, “Social Cues”, Cage The Elephant: UNPEELED, Halo Wars 2: Los Angeles, CA and The Thumbprint Project: Williamstown, NJ.

She is not only a professional violinist, but also a competent pianist, and her enthusiasm for creating melodious music speaks for itself. She has also received positive feedback from those who engaged her to play at various venues. Gina had a wonderful selection of music and was nothing short of amazing, according to one of her feedbacks. She is deserving of more than five stars. According to another comment, she was a professional artist and violinist. She played with zeal and passion that was nothing short of remarkable.

Gina also enjoys teaching students how to play the violin, guitar, and piano. With being a professional pianist and violinist, she is a professional tutor too. The enthusiasm and hard work that she puts in while instructing her students have been praised by many parents and guardians. According to the parents, her musical skills, experience, and engagement with the children have aided them in learning music faster and incorporating different levels of learning. She has a superb teaching style that has helped pupils overcome their apprehension about thinking outside the box. The finest thing was seeing even the timid string students grow with confidence.

Gina enjoys photoshoots as well. She had her electronic violin photographed by prominent photographers such as Tori Radick Photography and Twisted Oaks Photography in a variety of scenic places. Moreover, Gina has a super friendly nature and is easy to work with. She has been the University’s violinist for a variety of special events and formal academic occasions, including several official convocations. People who have heard her play the musical instruments say that she can fluidly transition from baroque counterpoint to an elegiac Irish air and then onward to a rock song, perfectly combining these multivariate forms into an amazing concert of string music.

She has about 1600 Instagram followers and around 3000 Facebook fans. She has her own YouTube channel as well as a well-maintained LinkedIn presence. Gina has her official website where individuals may hire her and have Gina teach their children.