This article introduces you to a visionary, far-sighted, creative, dynamic, energetic, and multifaceted person, whose name is Giancarlo Mancino.

Giancarlo Mancino is from Pignola, Italy. In his childhood, he worked in the pubs of the Stella Artois chain where he had the chance to learn the secrets of beer and its services. He started loving and enjoying this profession and this made him be a Barman. Over time he has grown in popularity, and now he is a well-known listed bartender and entrepreneur. People know him all over the world for his great hospitality. As a business person, he is the founder and owner of GiancarloBar Limited-a Hong Kong and London-based bar and beverage consultancy firm, and produces superfine vermouth. He is a creator of Bocktailed and Sei Bellissimi. He is also the founder of the Mancino line of artisanal Vermouths and the Aperitvo Rinomato. Besides, he has recently launched his own Glassware ‘the wormwood collection’ in collaboration with Italesse and representing UrbanBAR UK in South Asia. He is signed officially as Bar and Beverage consultant with Rosewood Hotels worldwide and Galvin Restaurants UK. It is all because of Giancarlo that many Italian brands penetrated the Asian market. So far GiancarloBar limited has been proved to be the best Bar equipment in Asia. It offers a detailed bar and beverage consultancy service and has been helping people with all aspects of venue launch, development, training, and supply. Before joining this career path, he had entered the world of music and got the chance of becoming an artistic director for musical events in clubs and squares.

In addition to this, Giancarlo Mancino keeps traveling to different countries of the world in order to progress the world of cocktails with his own GiancarloBar Limited.  He has succeeded in the world of bar and beverages just because of his far-sighted vision, great hospitality, dedication, and commitment to his profession. It is rightly said that success comes when one leaves no stone unturned to avail oneself of every opportunity without ignoring it due to considering the risks and dangers. Likewise, Giancarlo Mancino dedicated himself to his profession cum passion and put his untiring efforts to reach where he is today. Despite his worldwide name and fame, he is free from ego and down to earth. His humbleness is witnessed from the fact that he immediately makes himself available to those who need him. He is also a very kind, loving, and caring person who lends his hand to those who are destitute and in need.

Furthermore, Giancarlo Mancino has an attractive, charming, and influencing personality with impressive communicative skills and attitude. He is a self-driven entrepreneur who always stays highly motivated because he believes that self-motivation is the best to keep one on the right track on one’s career path. Due to this, he is never taken aback and depressed. His optimism and broad-mindedness make him nourish positive thoughts and keep him away from the pessimists and negativity of all sorts. He never gets worried and always hopes for the best. He is well aware of the fact that a pessimistic attitude towards life and profession distracts man from pursuing his career goals. Apart from this, Giancarlo Mancino is of jovial nature who knows how to lead and enjoy his life to its full. He has learned how to manage his personal, professional, and social life successfully. He has a lot to achieve in the future for which he is firmly determined. He is found active on social media platforms where he keeps updating his fans and followers about his new products. He has amassed thousands of followers on his Instagram account. More can be learned about this Barman if he is followed on his social media accounts and subscribed to his YouTube channel. The links to his accounts and the website of his company are provided below.