George Geary (@chefgeary)

George Geary (@chefgeary)

Today, competition among numerous restaurants has taken over the world. With the formation of every new place producing new food items, people all across the globe have evolved into literal food lovers, and the idea of trying something innovative and unique has been their motivation to move on with life. Not many people are aware of the legends behind those perfect mouthwatering recipes. The chefs who put their blood and sweat into creating such savory recipes are often overlooked but truly deserve that recognition. One such expert chef, who is hard to ignore go by the name, George Geary.

Been in the food industry for more than 30 years, George is considered to be the living legend of the time. His passion for cooking traces back to the era when he was very young and decided to pursue this field. George gained momentum not just through his recipes, but the way he taught them played a huge role in him being relished by many. His passion alongside cooking lies in teaching and communicating the recipe specifications to his students, which he does in a way that is both understandable and entertaining. His wittiness is appreciated by the students who have worked under him and is one of the reasons his cooking classes are sold out in a swift.

George began his career as a pastry chef for the renowned Walt Disney Company. The fame he gathered in those years helped him in becoming a Certified Culinary Professional. Parallel to being a professional chef, George also paved his way into becoming one of the best-selling cookbook authors. He has successfully written 11 books including, The cheesecake bible, 650 food processor recipes, 150 donut recipes,500 sauces, etc. These books serve as a comprehensive guide as they are fed with clear and simple-to-grasp culinary concepts. His books are a complete package, ranging from supervising the recipes to instructing on how to use a food processor.

George’s multiple areas of expertise have taken him to places one can only dream of. George has worked as a judge for culinary contests for famous food manufacturers for more than 30 years. These manufacturers include the very well-known, Hershey Foods, Veg-all, San Diego Union-Tribune, and many more. Since 1982, George has been serving as the Culinary Coordinator of the globe’s largest Fair in Los Angeles, handling the contests and forming the interface between the judges and the competitors. Being the woke personality that he is, George has been a speaker for the last eight years, motivating every person out there looking forward to making a career out of cooking.

The most attractive part about George’s chosen lifestyle is that he is lucky enough to be touring across the world, leaving his footsteps over 200 plus schools, spa, and food festivals. Moreover, he has led some massive, award-winning tours across Europe and America as well. George has never shied away from sharing his recipes with his television fan base. He has made an appearance on the famous, The Food Network, ABC, and several more. Besides that, versatile food magazines, newspapers, and blogs have been honored to feature him.

Despite the hectic schedule that George seems to have chosen, what captures the eyes of viewers is the fun he carries along every step of his journey. His Instagram account, which goes by the name @chefgeary is that platform where not only he shares stuff related to his profession, but also his life outside the boundaries of cooking. He has shared tons of pictures from his traveling days and one such picture that captivates the audience is where he is standing on the road of Hollywood walk of fame. He explicitly captions the image as “Hollywood, where dreams are made”, hinting at the place where he hit fame. It is people like George who one should truly look forward to. His lifestyle depicts a classic example of what balance looks like. He has his life pulled together, and each day he thrives to give off some of his knowledge to others.