George Baker (@therealuniversaldagod)

George Baker (@therealuniversaldagod)

Music is recognized as the language of universality. It is a kind of art that nurtures our soul along with pleasing our ears as well as mind. For a long time, music has been giving us a spiritual response as it has the power to lift our mood, and brings a positive calmness in our daily life. Apart from that, it is a source of interaction that enormously gives us encouragement and amplification too. It has sufficient power to bring entertainment and positivity to the lives of people. Music assists us to express those feelings and emotions in a better manner which are sometimes harder to express. Today, we will talk about a renowned personality from Durham, North Carolina who is a singer as well as a music producer. He brought a great essence to the music of the modern era. His rap songs are always bound to be the superhit, and still, it is being tremendously accumulating fame in the music industry. Moreover, he has a huge fan following and has 1.9k followers on Instagram. Yes, we are certainly talking about George Baker aka universaldagod (@therealuniversaldagod).

George Baker, a multi-talented vocalist, who belongs to Durham, North Carolina, and raised in New York. He is popularly known for giving the new concept to the ’90s hip-hop music in the music industry. His song “Almighty” is the top hit song of his career.

He always possesses great affection for music since childhood. He always wanted to bring a unique taste to the music, and his uniqueness exceptionally inspired music lovers and within a short period of time, he earned great fame throughout the world.  

George used to record songs since his childhood. After dealing with RCA, George got the opportunity to sing on various stage shows. He began to perform on Wednesday night amateur shows at the Apollo theatre in New York. From there, he engrossed other golden opportunities as he was signed by prestigious music business managers, producers, songwriters, music admirers, and promoters.  

George Baker is an example of a courageous man too. As he suffered from some terrible tragedies, but despite it, he did not bear up in his life. He fought like a hero, and then came back to the field again after some time. He turns his pain into the purpose, and thus, pours his story of hardships and experiences of life in his new album “Black Caesar” which was released on his brother’s birth date, February, 24th, 2021, and got much acclamation among music lovers. In this way, he founded himself as a songwriter and began to write songs that reflect his experiences, ambitions, and thoughts.

Apart from singing, George Baker is also an entrepreneur. He owns a merchandising business. An elegant collection of t-shirts as well as jackets are available on his website, 

Thus, George Baker is a man of parts who has extensive passion and determination for music. When someone gives his 100% to turn his devotedness into a successful career. That level of commitment shows how passionate he is. This credit definitely goes with George Baker whose music is the reflection of his experience and ambitions. It is due to it, his songs always touch the hearts of music lovers and become super-hit songs. He is also a role model for all. Despite facing difficulties, he never gave up in his life but came back again with full energy. So, if you want concerts or events which electrify the performance, then George Baker’s high-energy hip-hop songs would be the best option for you. For booking his service you can contact him on his e-mail [email protected] or follow him @therealuniversaldagod on Instagram. Apart from that, you can avail merchandise from his website