Gagandeep Singh (@gagandeepsinghofficial_)

In reality, no one can be ideal in any game. Everyone makes a lot of mistakes. It is essential to gain benefits from your mistakes. Gagandeep Singh is the one who learns from others as well as from his own mistakes, and that makes him the best player. He is a professional cricketer with athletic passion and enthusiasm. Gagandeep Singh, a jolly person, always thinks things would go much smoother if the players smile and enjoy the ground instead of behaving like a wound-up spring. Gagandeep has a lot of friends, 16.3k followers on Instagram (@gagandeepsinghofficial_), around 12k followers on Facebook, and many more social media friends. He has a cheerful, positive, and kind nature. The luckiest have the best company, and Gagandeep’s company is indeed the best. Do not miss the chance to be a part of his company. You must follow Gagandeep Singh on Instagram.

Gagandeep Singh was born on 05 August 1991 in Nairobi city. He is 30 years old and a Right-handed batsman. He also did bowling well as a Right-arm Medium Pacer. He was playing from the Nairobi Buffaloes side team as an All-rounder performance. In 2013, he played the match against the Pekee team and took two wickets with 20 scores conceded. In 2017, he played with the Roaring Lions team as a Captain against Rising Zebras. He performed well as an All rounding performance. When he played at Kongonis Cricket Club in 2020, he took five wickets and outclassed the opponent with his medium pacer bowling skills. This was the best bowling spell of his life before covid ruined everything; he can’t wait to get to the field. His most significant achievement was when the American Premiere League academy in Kenya was officially Launched. This academy serves the whole of Africa, and its vision is to promote cricket and cricketers across the globe. If you are a cricket lover and want to do something for this game and your country, follow Gagandeep.

Gagandeep Singh has successfully fulfilled the ICC Foundation Certificate requirements on Jan 13, 2022. He gained a Certificate of completion from ICC. Instead of his passion for cricket, he spends quality time with his buddies (from the UK or his birthplace). Gagandeep knows that a good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have. He is among the most fortunate who has many true friends in his social group. He always helps his friends who want to join cricket or any profession.

Gagandeep Singh was working to make an impact on Kenyan Cricket. He is known as the Paradise of sub-continent Asian cricket. Yet an Asian-born guy chooses an African country to advance his cricketing skills. He has created tremendous hype among cricket fans several times. In 2019, he achieved the Community Coach Accreditation certificate. A new adventure of his life began after receiving a certificate from the Australian Cricket Association. He said he was happy to get a level 1 coaching certificate from cricket Australia. He has also achieved many Certificates from the Melbourne Cricket Club. This certificate was “The Laws of cricket online Course.” He also attained an 86% Grade in the primary level exam. The certificate of Completion for COVID Safe Sports Coach was also awarded to our Guru Gagandeep Singh. He is the first player of Kenya to be drafted for CPL as an emerging bowler. Gagandeep loved to take pictures and Selfies with the Great Legend Cricketers. He is never ashamed to walk in legend’s shadow. Gagandeep Singh is original, and that’s the perfection in itself; no one can’t dull his sparkle. If you want to make your originality in the gaming world, follow Gagandeep Singh.