FVME SENE (@famesene)

FVME SENE (@famesene)

While music has been part of our lives since we remember, it wasn’t the case for one of its genres: rapping. It might be a complete surprise for GenZ, but there was a time when rapping was not deemed as music. People treating rapping and rappers with disrespect and would completely disregard this entire genre. People who were into rapping were shamed and mocked by saying that they are simply just rhythmically speaking. Nonetheless, The tree of life turned over a new leaf, and things changed as it was an era when people started recognizing what they were truly missing out on. This recognition of rap was only possible because of Tupac, KRS-One, Jay-z, etc. Just like that, in a blink of an eye, everyone found themselves ultimately invested in the rap world to the extent that it is one of the most renowned genres of music in the world. While there are many rising rappers out there now, only a few have the talent to achieve what their ancestors were able to do. Fame Sene is one of those up-and-coming rappers who seems to have the brightest path in front of them.

Ever since a young age, Fame Sene found himself gravitating towards music. He doesn’t even recall the exact moment when it happened, but ever since he can think back to music was always his life, his only reason to live. If he ever felt too overwhelmed with emotions, music was his way to let it all out. This made him realize that no other field could be as perfect a match for him as rapping; thus, he decided to risk it all to follow his dream. Truth be told, it was the best decision he ever made

Nonetheless, his journey was not entirely rainbows and cupcakes. He faced extreme hardships and failures too. But Fame Sene’s perseverance, hard world, and immense belief in himself made him overcome all the obstacles life threw at him.

As the old saying goes, you reap what you sow, he sowed a tiny seed of unabated hard world and creativity, reaping into endless opportunities at his door. One of those opportunities was when he released his single “Parasita” which featured Cliqme, a renowned artist who has worked with artists like Chris Brown, Nelly, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, or Redma. This song’s hype spread among the people like wildfire; everyone was talking about it. This buzz not only helped Fame Sene gain prestige and money but also opened doors for more collaborations as the word of Fame’s undeniable skills and talent got out. Within a few weeks, many artists wanted to collaborate with him.

Since Fame Sene has been in this field for many years, there is no doubt that he has many memorable incidents to look back at. While every memory is special, there is one in particular that truly makes him happy whenever he thinks about it. It is when he got to perform in a proper show on a proper stage at Rinora in 2019. For the first time in his life, he saw people loving his music and feeling something from it. That sight made all these years of grind and sleepless nights worth it. He had, at last, started to achieve what he’d set out to achieve. As recognition from listeners and seeing your voice making an impact are two wishful dreams every musician dreams of since the beginning. This was the first time Fame got an opportunity like this, making it the most special memory to look at.

Fame Sene also has an Instagram account, @famesene, where he gives updates on his new releases and provides a window to his personal life for his fans. Currently, he has more than three thousand followers. But keep a lookout for his next release, and watch this number grow even more. His tale is an example of hard work that truly pays off. The best part of it all is that he has so much left to show the world.