FTB CUSTOMS (@ftbcustoms)

FTB CUSTOMS (@ftbcustoms)

Since there are people in this world who make never stopping efforts towards what their heart seeks and what inspires them. For them, things do not happen themselves, but with their strong desire and they made things happen. They accept failure as the opportunity to begin again to reach the acme of success, and this tremendous quality makes them different from other people. Today’s article is also about a successful man who believes in what he can do. His victorious life is the reason that his triumph is connected with his actions. With his willpower and passion, he took his business of the garments and trucks to the apex of the masterstroke. Yes, we are indeed talking about James Worthen, the owner of ftbcustoms.

James Worthen grew up in Marsing, a small town in Idaho. His family consists of a wife, four sons, and three pets. Since his childhood, James Worthen has possessed a keen interest in creative and fruitful outcomes. He always wanted to crave his name in the world of industry, and thus, he founded his company FTB Customs. The company was built in December 2020, and in a short span of time, James Worthen made the company reach the summit of a leading light and enhanced his business by 900% in just one year.

His company, FTB customs, has many ambassadors all over the United States, and still, they are looking for more. The company specializes in a clothing and apparel line that releases a stylish and sophisticated collection of clothes every week. Not only that it also his company is an expert in modifying dope clothes. Moreover, James Worthen’s company has a wide range of variety that always ensures to satisfies its customers. James Worthen did not confine his company to this, but he spent thousands of dollars on the best accessories to give elegant looks and speed to the trucks, and in this way, he made his company, FTB customs specialize in modifying the trucks as well. The company has produced custom trucks for SEMA. Apart from that, the company made the best record by is building a fully loaded truck, namely, The Black Mamba, in just nine months.

The fully loaded truck became so catchy to many people that the photo of the truck became so viral that thousands of people shared the photo on different social media platforms. Along with that, Shaq, The Lakers, WOJ, Derick Fisher, SportsCenter, and Shannon Sharp are also included in FTB custom’s elegant collections of the trucks. Furthermore, FTB customs also organizes giveaway (a truck show). They previously organized marvelous The Mamba giveaway truck show, and after its stupendous responses by the truck lovers, now they are planning to give another sensational live truck show after 25 June 2022 in Kuna, Idaho, where they are offering free truck giveaway by spending $10 they will get 100 entries.

Besides being a successful business, James Worthen is also a pet lover. He donates some part of his revenue to an animal caring organization, namely the Idaho Humane Society.

Thus, James Worthen is a man of part who build a high-flier business with great passion and intelligence. He provided the secret of great style to make people feel good about what they wear. For him, fashion is a kind of language that creates itself in clothes to depict reality. These are the facts that his business escalated extensively within little time. So, if you want a perfect outfit that gives you a perfect look, then FTB customs is one of the best choices for you.

Along with that, you can participate in FTB customs’ greatest giveaway truck show and also win exciting prizes. So what are waiting for visit www.ftbcustoms.com. Moreover, FTB Customs is also looking for an enthusiastic ambassador, so if you own potential, contact the given website or visit its Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/ftbcustoms/.